When we enter into a business partnership agreement, we always want to ensure that all the parties are on the same page. And when you run a restaurant business, you will be encountering various types of agreements. To have a mutually beneficial relationship with your clients, a written agreement should be prepared. That’s why you’ll need our Ready-Made Restaurant Agreement Templates in Microsoft Word (DOC). This exclusive list of agreement templates can be accessed using various devices that support Word format. Wherever and whenever you are, our user-friendly and convenient templates will get the job done. Get your copy now and protect your business interests!

How to Create a Restaurant Agreement in Word

Agreements exist to protect all parties. However, a study conducted by Deloitte showed that 90% of customers do not read the legal terms and conditions in the agreement. If you allow this to happen with your restaurant, you’ll be facing lots of trouble in the future. You have to ensure that you and your partner know what was agreed on.

We shared steps on how you can draft a restaurant agreement that will make you and your clients understand each other.

1. Launch Word

Microsoft Word is one of the most used word processing software because, as you already know, it’s so easy to use. By using it, you can easily draft your non-disclosure agreement, non-compete agreement, confidentiality agreement, and many others.

2. Identify the Name of the Partnership

There are many types of business partnerships. It can be a lease agreement, management agreement, rental agreement, or a purchase agreement. You have to identify what type of partnership you’d be entering into so that you’ll know what should be stipulated in your written agreement.

3. Write Down Duties and Responsibilities

In this section, you have to specify the duties and responsibilities of both parties on the whole duration and even after the business agreement. Include also the authority that each party has while the agreement is in effect.

4. Include Termination Clause

The agreement is not forever. One party may decide that he/she wants to be out and terminate the agreed business. That’s why putting a termination clause in your investment agreement, catering service agreement, or any of some sort is crucial.

5. Mention the Law that Governs the Agreement

Your written agreement will be enforceable by law. Therefore, to ensure that its stipulations and all provisions therein are based on the law the governs agreement, you have to include this in your legal agreement.

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