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How to Make a Restaurant Voucher in Word?

According to RetailMeNot's survey, 80% of restaurant-goers are most likely willing to try a new restaurant if there is an existing discount. Restaurant vouchers are not just an instrument of generosity but also a marketing strategy to gain more customers. So it does not only benefit the consumers but also the company, itself. Restaurant vouchers can also be gift cards as it is one of the most convenient gifts that one can ever give along with the other vouchers. So here are the steps in making a restaurant voucher.

1. Study about Vouchers

Vouchers, in general, may only be a piece of paper but there are still more things to get to know before making the content of that piece of paper. You have to research about how  vouchers work and how the transactions are secured. You need to study the validity of vouchers and how it connects to the payment of a particular customer.

2. Plan the Core

Before planning the exterior part of the restaurant, you have to settle the interior first. Decide how much percentage less you would want your voucher to offer. Make sure that the discount is reasonable and would not risk the company's financial state. In connection, decide a number to limit the production of vouchers.  There has to be a limitation in producing vouchers not only to consider the company but give a specific time limit to the promotions.

3. Plan the Exterior

After planning the insides of the voucher, it's time to visualize the design of the restaurant voucher.  At this point, you have to imagine the final product of your printable voucher. Imagine the words, colors, fonts, structure, and arrangements. You have to be creative and make sure that the colors that you want to use complement each other along with the patterns. 

4. Concretize the Concept

Put your design plans into the blank paper — open Microsoft Word. Put some splashing colors, patterns, and designs that are pleasing to the eyes and, also, relevant to the restaurant. After that, insert the appropriate words and numbers. Insert the name of the restaurant, or hotel and then the logo. Next, put the discount. Put the percentage less in the paper and make it prominent and visible. Then, the details. If you only want the availability of your discount to be exclusive for dinners, make sure to insert it in the voucher. Make sure to put the specifications for the convenience of the customer and restaurant personnel.  Another essential feature is the expiry date. You need to put the expiry date of the voucher. Lastly, write the terms and conditions. There are conditions for the voucher to validate its legality and reliability, so never forget to include those. You can also put blank spaces to write their names and other information, as well as the restaurant's details. For better visual learning, you can refer to some samples online.

5. Save and Print

Finalize the final product. Make sure that the needed pieces of information are there. Afterward, save the Word document and print it. Don't forget to use special paper for the restaurant voucher for better condition.