Are you planning to open your new restaurant business? Do you want to spread the news of your restaurant's grand opening? Then a flyer is one of the best marketing materials used for promotion and advertising. If you are having a hard time making one, then choosing a template on the internet is much easier and saves time, than starting from scratch. Here on our site, we have various templates that you can choose from and available in different file formats such as Adobe Photoshop (.psd), Microsoft Word (.docx), Adobe Indesign (.Indd), Adobe Illustrator (.ai), and Microsoft Publisher (.pub). We can guarantee you 100% customizable and high-quality products that you can acquire by downloading it. Feel free to look around and start making one right away!

How to Make a Restaurant Flyer in Word

If you need a marketing material to advertise and promote your restaurant business, a flyer will surely help you with that. A flyer is a piece of paper used for promotion or advertising a product or service. Similarly to the brochure, it contains details about the product or the services offered, but unlikely, it is cost-efficient. The U.S. restaurant industry states that the projected sales during 2019 are $863 billion. So, why not start your restaurant now? Go on and make a flyer using a professional design template on our site.

1. Plan Out And Outline The Details

Plan out your restaurant business and gather the details about the services and food you offer. Also, include your specialty of why your restaurant is better among other restaurants. Make sure to include your contact details to your promotional flyers such as contact number, email address, and location address.

2. Choose A Template

Choose a creative flyer template in which we display various designs and layouts here on our site. Take a look around for you to find the perfect fit for what you need. We made these templates for you to save time and for your convenience. Here on our site, we guarantee you affordable and reasonable prices, and some of it are free for you to be able to download them in Microsoft Word file format.

3. Edit And Modify The Layout And Designs

After choosing a template, proceed now to editing the flyer by opening first the Microsoft Word. Open the file and start customizing it by adding some texts about the products or services offered in your restaurant. Then afterward, add some elements and images to beautify the designs of your printable flyer. Remember to use striking or colorful graphics to make it more eye-catching and attractive.

4. Recheck Your Work

After you are done editing your flyer, make sure to recheck and proofread your work, or have someone to do it to avoid mistakes and errors when you printed dozens of copies of it. If you found any errors, make sure to mark them and revise them afterward.

5. Print And Distribute

After rechecking your work, proceed to print afterward. Produce dozens of copies of it until it reaches your scope or target. Walk around the most populated area or stand by the side inside the mall to distribute each flyer to everybody as it spread the news of the grand opening or the new offers of your restaurant. In this way, it will surely help you increase customers and boost your profits in no time. Go on and give them the menu as you start the business open and serve them with delicious food.

People will be likely to call you for inquiries and reservations. So, why not choose to include business cards and have them for your restaurant? Make sure to include your current contact details for your customers able to call you.

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