All businesses in any industry recognize the importance of comprehensive reports. If you’re in the restaurant scene, assessing the effectiveness of a change in the menu or buffet promo is just as vital as planning them. Available in Microsoft Word, these Restaurant Report Templates feature references you can use in writing just about any kind of report for your restaurant business. From sales and marketing to income statements, these templates have professionally-written sample content that can serve as your guide. Each one is 100% customizable and printable, so all you have to do is adjust the document with your specific information. Check them out!

How to Make a Restaurant Report in Word

In a 2015 article, The Guardian outlined the many benefits of transparent business management. Both the operations and overall employee morale are likely to be excellent if managers ensure that all aspects are recorded not just for future reference but also for integrity. Whether you want to make one for inventory or financial purposes, a restaurant report needs to have a few important elements. Below are five steps that can help you get started.

1. Gather All Necessary Information

Whether it’s for a monthly budget report or a record of an incident with a customer, it’s important that your document has all the information it requires. Fact-check your details and include accounts from more than just one source. Make sure your claims and conclusion are supported by evidence or scientific data.

2. Create an Outline

Once you’ve collected all the information you need, you can start making an outline of the entire report. It will serve as an overview of the report’s content, from start to finish. You don’t have to be thorough when making the outline. What’s important is you can plot the flow of the details.

3. Follow the Format

Different reports have different formats. A daily inventory of your food stocks will be different from a weekly report on customer satisfaction. Documents for fast food joints will also not be the same for those in Michelin restaurants. Pick a template that best suits the kind of report you need to prepare, and let the ready-made format guide you in your writing. You can make adjustments depending on the other details you have to include.

4. Keep In Mind the 5 Cs

Clear. Concise. Correct. Complete. Courteous. These are the five Cs you have to keep in mind when writing business documents, including simple reports. Other than grammar and information, you also have to keep in mind the proper language you need to use.

5. Make a Summary

When you’ve finished writing and proofreading most of your report, you begin preparing a summary for the entire document. Go over your information and list down the vital details. Condense your report into a short paragraph, which will serve as your summary. Not a lot of people will have time to read the whole document, so a summary will allow you to give them the information within a relatively shorter time

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