Managing a restaurant takes a lot of hard work and patience. From preparing the food to making sure the orders are on time, all these can take so much of your attention. But you have to keep an eye on your sales, too. Every cash flow starts with an invoice. If you want to keep your sales coming, here is a Restaurant Invoice Template that you can download from our website. This template is so easy to use because it is customizable, easily editable, professionally designed, high-quality, and printable. With this ready-made template, you can drive profit into your restaurant business. 

How to Make a Restaurant Invoice in Microsoft Office Word

The rise of technology paved the way for more convenient business transactions. And that includes using emails for business transactions. Now, electronic invoices became another method to transact businesses. According to a famous business magazine, Forbes, a business can benefit if it uses electronics to transact businesses. If you want a more convenient way to deal with your business transactions, use a restaurant invoice. To do that, we made a list of steps below to help you make a restaurant invoice in Microsoft Office Word.

1. Start With the Basics

Before jumping into the actual service invoice, take the time to learn what are the things you need to put in your invoice. The best way to do this is to start a plan. Your plan should contain the process to complete the invoice. More so, include in your plan important details such as your business's name, contact information, payment, and due date. Without these elements, your invoice is not complete.

2. Provide Products and Service Details

To avoid confusing your clients, make sure to give them the reason why they should compensate for your business. To do this, provide the details of the products or services they need to pay. This means you have to include description, quantity, rate, amount, and subtotal of the product and services. Also, take this chance to include other relevant details in your business invoice.

3. Set the Payment Terms

There are three types of payment methods that you can use for your this document. To get this clear, make sure to research the payment term that is suitable for your business. After that, you can provide the payment method in your invoice and start working on the actual invoice.

4. Use Simple Fonts and Consider the Format

Formatting the sample invoice is very important. This way, you will make it look professional and organized. When it comes to the format of the invoice, you have to be mindful of the spaces, font styles, indentions. And capitalization.

5. Don't Forget the Notes

If you include a personal note in the invoice, it will likely make the client pay the invoice faster. Also, if you want to take advantage of this part of the invoice, you can include other instructions, information, and details that are helpful.

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