Transactions are made every time all over the world. With every transaction, there must be a written document to prove the transaction's eligibility—through receipts. Especially for restaurants, receipts serve as a list of itemized orders with corresponding prices. Well, if you happen to be a restaurateur, issuing restaurant receipts is as essential as issuing your customer's orders. Start issuing now by downloading our comprehensive, premium, and professionally written Restaurant Receipt Template in Microsoft Word. This template is packed with original suggestive headline and content that is easily editable and 100% customizable. Also, we guarantee you that our template is printable in A4 & US Sizes. Download now, and make more food transactions!

How to Make a Restaurant Receipt in Microsoft Word

According to YouGov Omnibus' survey, 68% of people wanted to receive a physical copy of receipt rather than electronic. With that being said, it is evident that restaurant sales receipts are still wanted in the industry—and even the food industry is not an exemption. Restaurants tend to issue receipts to their customers as it would serve as their food bill. So, if you wish to issue receipts now in your restaurant, make it as soon as possible with these helpful tips:

1. Download a Template

Why waste your time in making a receipt from a blank canvas when you can easily download a comprehensive and industry-compliant restaurant receipt template. If you seek one, then seek no more as we offer a restaurant receipt template that you can download, edit, and customize in Microsoft Word. Also, check out our other business receipt templates that you can download too.

2. Fill in the Headline

The first step that you need to fulfill is to format your headline. Add the name of your restaurant, logo, location (city and state), contact information, email address, and more. Apart from these, include a receipt number and date. Take note that it is advantageous for you to include a receipt number as it would make your recordkeeping easier. Moreover, it would also be more convenient for your customers to track their orders.

3. List the Orders

After the headline, you can now list the customer's orders. To arrange the orders in a logical way, list the most expensive dish up to the least costly. In that way, your customers would have a direction in reading their receipt. Then, you can indicate a little description of the dish and its quantity. Be as brief as possible. Afterward, you can indicate the price of each dish. But, omit the dollar sign. For example, if you are running a dinner buffet restaurant, instead of putting ''$12'' into your receipt, you can just input ''12''.

4. Input Restaurant Inclusions

There are instances wherein inclusions would take place in order. It is usually disregarded, but as a businessman, you must include it in any transactional receipt. With that, put it after the checklist of your customer's receipts. Usually, it comes in sales tax, discounts, and even split.

5. Include the Payment Method

There are a variety of payment methods existing nowadays. Debit card, credit card, cheque, electronic transfer—to name a few. So, it would be advisable to put it on your cash receipt. Then after that, state the cashier's name, your customer's full name, and leave a space for signatory purposes.

6. Print your Receipt

The main purpose of making this receipt is to distribute it to your customers, so a printed document is the end process. Choose the right paper stock to use in printing. Also, it is known that receipts are kept in wallets, so the possibility of the text to fade immediately is high. Print them using Bleed for a better result.

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