Do you ever wonder why most restaurant grand openings attract lots of people? Aside from the fact that nothing is more exciting than good food, it is because of an effective restaurant invitation. Before this event, a salesperson or marketing officer will send out invitations to notify potential guests. So, when it is time for the opening, those people they invited will attend the event. I guess the secret for successful event planning is no secret at all. You just need to download this Restaurant Invitation Template from our collection of ready-made templates. Our templates are 100% customizable, easily editable, high-quality, and printable. Do not miss out on the chance to produce the best invitation for your restaurant. Be one of our members today, and enjoy great deals!

How to Design a Restaurant Invitation

According to a report posted by Vogue, 2020 will be a brighter year for restaurant businesses in the United States. The famous magazine noted that on that year, there are new dining engagements between the country's renowned cooks and world's famous chefs. More so, based on the article Vogue released, 27 of America's most awaited restaurants will open in 2020. Base on these assessments, the growth in the industry is inclining. And the forecasted significant amount of development is expected to rise throughout the years. According to a reliable business magazine, Forbes, the changes within the industry contribute substantial growth to the economy. On a report in 2019, the National Restaurant Association (NRA) sees an increase of industry sales of 1.2 trillion U.S. dollars by 2030, an improvement from 833 million U.S. dollars in 2018. These data show that restaurant businesses are not going anywhere. It is an implication of good economic growth and labor retention.

If that motivated you to establish your restaurant, you have to plan before diving into the industry. First things, first—prepare a grand restaurant opening. To do that, create an event invitation to invite people. Read the list below for tips in making a restaurant invitation in Microsoft Office Word.

1. Be Playful with the Theme

A good theme can set the tone of your event. That said, before starting with your event invitation, decide what will be the theme of your restaurant opening. To make it easier, focus on the cuisine the restaurant serves. For instance, if the restaurant serves Mexican food, get it as inspiration and use it as the theme. This way, you can have a head start making the invitation. Once you have a theme, it will be easier for you to select design inspirations.

2. Include High-Definition Images

Putting images in promotional materials like a flyer, poster, banner, or leaflet is very important. Text alone can not deliver the message you want to convey to your audience. If there are images in the creative invitation, it gives ideas to the readers about the upcoming event. More so, images are representations of your business, so choose high-quality images.

3. Generate Creative Graphics

As you know, visuals are important for simple invitations. Since it is the first thing people see, it gives you the chance to catch the attention of your readers. If you want to keep the interest of your audiences, make sure to provide good design elements in the invitation. To do so, refer to the theme. As much as possible, the design elements must be relevant to the theme. With this, you can create cohesion. The last you would want is to send confusing or mixed ideas to your guests. That's one thing you should prevent.

4. Use a Readable Font Style

Remember that an easy to comprehend creative invitation is an effective invitation card. So, make sure that the messages in the invitation are readable. To achieve that, use a bold font on the header and simple font on the content. More so, consider the space where you will be working. An invitation has a limited room to work on, so don't cram everything in it.

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