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How to Make a Restaurant Survey in Microsoft Word

Assessing any area or category of your restaurant is helpful. Whether the survey is for your employees or your customers, the results can be useful to you. Psychology says that some people believe that there are people who will value their opinions and responses on surveys, which can positively affect something in some ways. For that, ready your arsenal and follow the tips below in creating a useful survey now!

1. Identify the Kind of Survey

Immediately start with identifying the kind of restaurant survey that you want. Do you want to make a customer feedback form, a customer satisfaction survey, or restaurant evaluation survey,? Make sure that you only set your eyes on one topic alone. This way, you will have a smooth process in making your document. 

2. Don't Make It Long

No matter how much information you want from your simple survey, you have to keep in mind that the survey has to be short. In reality, people are more excited to finish the survey than answer it. 

3. Pick Appropriate Questions

In doing the printable survey, make sure that you choose the best and the most relevant questions since the number of items you need is limited. Never propose questions that have nothing to do with your survey. You may inquire about your fast food or restaurant menu, food, or satisfaction (for your customers).

4. Don't Insert Yes or No for Response

Asking people to respond with yes or no isn't going to work. It's going to limit the responses and will not benefit your data. So, instead of that, you can ask questions that will draw a concrete and detailed answer on your document.

5. Try Your Survey

Before distributing your restaurant survey, you can try asking people what they think about it. Ask them if the questions aren't hard to answer. You can ask for any advice to improve the survey.


  • What are the four types of questions?

      1. Wh-Questions: what, why, who, how when, whose, etc.
      2. Choice Questions
      3. Yes or No
      4. Tag Questions
  • What is a hypothetical question?

      Hypothetical questions are the questions that you ask that have nothing to do with facts or reality. People will respond based on their personal opinions, beliefs, point-of-views, or conjecture. 

  • What is a factual question?

      A factual question is a question that needs evidence-based responses. The responses or answers are based on data, surveys, events, and other authentic and accurate information.

  • What are the types of survey questions?

      Here are some of the types of survey questions:

      1. Multiple Choice Questions 
      2. Demographic Questions
      3. Open-Ended Questions
      4. Matrix Questions
      5. Dropdown questions
      6. Rank Ordering
      7. Close-Ended Questions
  • Why use both open and close questions?

      Close-ended questions are questions that limit the responses of people. Mostly, close-ended questions are answered by a “yes” or a “no.” After collecting the answers, you can quickly analyze the responses in statistics. On the opposite, open-ended questions are best when you want to have more data about your survey. You can start your question with “how”, “what” or others that can lead to different perspectives and answers. It depends on your survey on which of the two questions you need.