The goal when applying for a job is making a favorable impression on a prospective employer. To help you with this, you need an excellent useful tool that will help you market yourself such a custom made resume. A resume is not just a mere document: Through this document, th employer will be able to determine if you can contribute to the company's success. By using any of our free printable resume templates, you can be successful in any job application. Our documents are fillable, easily downloadable, and editable. Our resumes are tremendous, and you can never find any other resume templates like ours. Do you know what else is tremendous? These templates are for free! Grab our Printable Resume Templates in Microsoft Word now!

How To Create A Printable Resume in Word?

Over the past few years, the United States economy has experienced significant transformation. This includes the current situation of employment. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that there over 146,000 businesses and government agencies which represent 623,000 worksites in the US. This statistic indicates that the employment situation continues to rise.

There are great opportunities in the US that are waiting for you. Are you looking for a new and better career venture? Or are you a beginner in the world of employment. Then, you want a professional resume that can highlight your past experiences, educational background, skills, and knowledge. Have your resume polished for it to be as effective as possible. To achieve this, you want to follow the succeeding steps below:

1. Use Resume Templates

Using a resume template will enable you to make yours easier. You will have a useful guide that will help you form a resume that will have you be successful in every job application opportunity. Choose good resume format templates so that you will be able to make yours look professionally written.

2. Make the Text Distinct

Your employer wants texts that are easily readable and recognizable. That is why choosing the right font for your resume is essential. You have to choose appropriate font faces; you want it to be simple and straightforward as possible. Make the font consistent so maintain a straightforward font for the whole document. Changing the font every paragraph will make the entire document messy looking. Clean resumes are the way to leave the employer want to read the whole document.

3. Keep the Layout Simple

Aside from choosing readable fonts, choosing simple layouts will create a significant impact on your resume. Keeping it simple will provide the employer with convenience when reading it. So, maintaining a design or format that is easy to navigate, it is the best way to have a simple resume. When creating your resume, Microsoft Word, you need to consider the margins and spacing. Keep the margins 1 inch to all sides and select single spacing.

4. Keep the Category Chronological

We have discussed that resumes work best when maintaining simplicity. Choosing to keep the category chronological will contribute to establishing a basic resume. You start your resume with the most critical information, which means you put your data first. Next in line would be the objective statement followed by your skills and qualifications. Also, put your professional references and lastly; you include your interests.

5. Have Someone Review the Document

Overconfidence could be the word that will ruin you. It's best when you find someone reliable that could assess that resume that you have created. List down all the side comments and work on it. With this step, you will be able you know what needs to be improved.

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