How To Create A Printable Certificate In Microsoft Word

Certificates are handed to individuals who have remarkable achievements in a company or organization, completed a training, did an outstanding performance, finished school, or any participation in an organization or event. Certificates vary according to their purposes, such as award certificates, performance certificates, diploma certificates, and more. Whatever type of certificate you are making, we can offer you any certificate that you are looking for. We have printable certificate templates available that you can download, and we're giving you a step by step guide on making a certificate.

1. Make A Draft

Planning every step of the process is better to minimize any mistake made when making the certificate. For smooth editing, make a draft of the layout of the contents and design of the certificate. Planning everything, even the materials you are going to use will enable you to make the printable certificates faster.

2. Choose A Template

We offer a lot of certificate templates that you can download and it can be yours forever. Using our templates makes it very convenient to customize according to your specifications. Our templates have easy to customize colors, texts, and images. To add to the package, they also have well-organized layers and layer groups.

3. Use Microsoft Word

Everyone knows Microsoft Word. It also has the best features that anyone can ask for. When you make your certificate using MS Word, it guarantees your convenience in editing since it has easy to navigate buttons. You can also access Microsoft word on your devices like mobile phones and PCs. Everything will be easy if you use this software when downloading any of our templates.

4. Emphasize Recipient's Name

The most important part of the certificate is the recipient's name. Make sure to emphasize the name using fonts that are readable even from a distance. Use fonts that are elegant or formal since there are certificates that are considered as legal documents. Make sure to double-check the spelling of the name of the recipient to avoid offending them. When using our templates, you won't find it a problem with what fonts to use.

5. Write The Title

It is essential to have a title for the people to know what achievement the recipient has accomplished. You can write a brief title such as "Appreciation Certificate," "Certificate of Participation," or "Compliance Certificate." Make sure that the title is essential to the certificate to be handed to the recipient. Besides the title, write also the details on when and where the certificate is given.

6. Print And Place On Frame Or Envelope

To make your certificate durable and beautiful to look at, use parchment paper as material for the certificate. When you hand-out the certificate, place it on a frame or envelope to protect the quality of the certificate and to make it more formal.

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