How To Create Postcard In Microsoft Word?

Way back the 1800s, postcards are widely used by people as a means of communication and as propaganda for some political issues. Today, postcards have many uses not limited to the aforementioned. Sending off postcards is affordable, thus many are engaged in it. This rectangular piece has proved its necessity for years now.

Fortunately, postcards are not hard to create. By using Microsoft Word, you can now easily do it on your own (DIY) or customize our templates based on your liking. Whether you'll start from scratch or instantly customize any of our templates, be guided with the following tips on how to effectively create postcards in Microsoft Word.

1. Familiarize The Word's Tools

You can edit at ease if you know how to use the tools of Microsoft Word. Fortunately, this file format has easy-to-understand features. It's easy as pie even if you're just still a novice designer. Start it now and customize our basic postcard templates with Microsoft Word.

2. Determine Its Dimensions

Before lay-outing your postcard design, make sure that you've finalized the paper size or dimensions to use. Postcards can be printed but not limited to a 4x6 standard size. These can also be done with 4.25" x 6", 5" x 7", 5.5" x 8.5", 6" x 9", and 6" x 11" available sizes. The sizes will be bases on your postcard layout.

Create postcards as an alternative to your holiday greeting cards and business transactions.

3. Establish A Purpose Of Making

As mentioned earlier, postcards come from diverse causes. Therefore, before designing, decide if you're creating postcards for business or personal purposes.

Business postcards can be Multi-Purpose Business Postcard, Marketing Postcard, New Business Announcement Postcard, and many more. Furthermore, personal postcards are Thank You Postcard, Christmas Postcard, Visiting Postcard, etc.

4. Design According To The Purpose

With the help of the Word editing tools and your basic knowledge of designing postcards, it'll now be easier for you to craft it according to its purpose. For your greeting postcards, you can try it in vintage postcard style or retro (retrospective) style. Just as the greeting postcards, create your business postcards in modern style if you like to.

5. Make Use Of Sturdy Papers

Postcards are usually mailed without plain or colorful envelopes. Therefore, the paper should be firm enough not to get easily destroyed. With this concern, you have to consider the thickness of the card that you're using. You are not limited to plain colors. You can try other colors as long as the details inputted in your postcard will be visible.

6. Customize Our Printable Postcard Template

If you're running out of time, you instantly customize the postcard templates on this site. We have here a variety of options that you can check. Additionally, we have blank postcards for you to craft your design and add only the important details. Other than that, we also have here sample postcards that you'll not regret availing.

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