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How To Make A Printable Invitation In MS Word?

An invitation is vital in keeping families, friends, or organizations in touch. Whether it's in an invitation to a birthday party, pool party, slumber party, baby shower, etc., your goal is to keep acquainted with each other. However, some times, making invitations from scratch could be confusing. Luckily, we can give you tips to guide you in making your printable invitation using MS Word.

1. Choose Your Desired Template

Our beautifully made printable invitation templates are readily available in MS Word. Thus, you won't need to worry about working from scratch. The task is simple. You go to the "file" menu and click on the "New from template..." button. Once a template category appears, go to the left panel and click on the "invitations" button. Afterward, choose one of our well-designed templates. Our templates got all the things you need, suggestive headings, text, and content. What more can you ask for? They're easily editable and completely customizable.

2. Customize The Graphics

As soon as you open the template, texts, graphics, and images will be in image/text boxes. Once you roll your cursor on each graphic design elements, borders that show boxes will appear. In the borders, you'll see points. You will use the points to adjust the size of the graphics or texts in the template. If you want to make any alterations, you may do so. Click on the image box, and you may press the "backspace" key on your keyboard to delete. If you wish to do so, you may add your vector or image to replace the built-in design elements.

3. Use Creative Design Elements

Feel free to use floral designs, a photo wedding, or use romantic colors like red. Whatever way you wish to design your printable invitation, make sure you use the appropriate design elements. Especially when you're making a birthday party invitation, make use of vector graphics. You may use vectors of your favorite Disney characters like Little Mermaid or your favorite superhero from the Avengers.

4. Insert The Best Photo(s)

If you have any pictures in your gallery, you may use them to make your printable invitation more beautiful. Photos give an impact or conviction to the message that you write in your invitation. Especially when you wish to invite for your engagement party, then use a photo wedding. If you want to invite people for a baby shower, use the cutest photo of your adorable baby. Adding images in MS Word is not difficult at all. Go to the "insert image" dialog box and click on the image you want to add. Then, make some necessary adjustments.

5. Don't Forget The Details

Aside from including greetings and graphics, don't forget to include the complete details. The details should tell your invitees the event name, the venue, time, date, and other necessary inclusions to consider. For you to add the details, you may go to the "text box" feature or simply type the invitation information in. Afterward, you're good to print your file in your home, office, or in a commercial printing press.

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