Need some help with designing a license for applicants? Or maybe you’re planning an upcoming event and need name tags for the attendees? Well, look no further, as we have the solution for you right here! Have a browse and download what you need from our expansive collection of ID Card Templates; each design available for you to use in Microsoft Word. All professional designs in our catalog of ID Card Templates are easy-editable to help you save time in altering them however you see fit, readily available to print out in 2.13x3.39 inches with bleed. So, have a look around and impress all eyes with our beautiful templates!

How to Use Microsoft Word to Edit Your ID Card Templates

By using Microsoft Word with the different choices from our wide selection of ID Card Templates, coming up with a design for your ID cards is a breeze! And we have a guide right here to help you out in doing so.

1. Get Your Hands on Microsoft Word

Don’t have Microsoft Word yet? Just drop by Microsoft’s online store and choose from one of their monthly or annual plans for Microsoft Office (which is a package deal that includes more than just MS Word) to get started. But, you might be wondering why you should bother paying for a subscription plan to use MS Word when there are many other choices out there (some of which are even free). Well, by subscribing to MS Office, you can expect the renowned level of quality that Microsoft has been providing for many years; the efficiency of their software continuing to improve and develop over the span of decades now. In fact, you can see for yourself for no charge with Microsoft’s free trial to try out what they have to offer for 1 whole month! Available for PC, Mac, and even mobile devices!

2. Get Familiar with Microsoft Word

After you’ve subscribed to use MS Word, downloaded it, and installed it onto your computer/device, it’s best to have a look through what the software can do before getting right into editing your template. At first, you might be thinking that MS Word isn’t exactly the first choice for creating an ID card; however, MS Word has come far from its past of being a mere word processor. Just a quick skim through what it has to offer and you’ll see how much it has evolved to suit different editing needs. And, being available on mobile gadgets means you can work on the go and have the option to use a stylus for graphical editing to feel more natural.

3. Deciding on and Choosing the Desired Template

With our set of ID Card Templates, there’s nothing you can’t find for whatever type of ID Card that you might need. We even have something suitable for government workers! It won’t take too long to find what you need for your printable ID cards; be it for school, sports, office, registration, or documentation, we’ve got you covered!

4. Download Your Template and Put It Through Microsoft Word

After you’ve had a search through our catalog of ID Card Templates and downloaded your required choice, it’s now time to get to work and alter the template to however you need it to be. Adding text, photos, and imagery is easy and intuitive with the use of MS Word; with the way that each of our beautifully-made templates was designed, knowing where to add each bit of content to and what that content should be will be no sweat at all to figure out!

5. Printing out Your Finalized ID Card

Once you’re done, remember to save your work and your new ID card is ready to print out and distribute to your students, attendees, employees, etc. With Microsoft Word and our collection of templates at your disposal, crafting your ID cards is quick and easy!

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