Satisfaction Survey Templates

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What Is a Satisfaction Survey?

A satisfaction survey is a document used to check your people's satisfaction with regards to your products and services. These are used to measure and analyze your customer and your employee's satisfactory level based on their previous experiences with your company. A tool used to enhance your marketing skills, management styles, and HR plans in your business. 

How to Make a Satisfaction Survey

satisfaction survey template

From a study made by Khadka & Maharjan (2017), a reference from the work of Thomas & Tobe (2013), emphasizes that your people's loyalty is what makes your business more profitable. In addition, they stated that loyal customers and employees alike will encourage others to buy your product or work for your company. In order to keep them loyal, you need to conduct a survey to check on their satisfaction rate. The role of a satisfaction survey is to collect feedback from your customers and employees and research for better marketing strategies to enhance your customer service.

1. Plan Your Objectives

Before you start writing your satisfaction survey, you still need to plan your objectives. Identify your customers and determine the reason behind your extensive or simple survey. What is the purpose of your survey? How can you improve your customer service with the information you acquired? Once you are able to answer these questions, you may proceed in choosing the right format for your survey. 

2. Choose a Simple Format

Your survey must have a simple format and outline that can be easily read by anyone. Make your survey short but concise, and keep your instructions clear enough for your readers to easily comprehend. Have the names of your customers optional; don't pressure them to write their names if they don't want to. If possible, don't go beyond more than two pages with your survey and use a standard font size because most people are in a rush and don't want to be hassled. You can choose to have your survey printed or online.

3. Provide Your Questions

In choosing your questions, be objective and be specific. Your survey should revolve around three categories, which is your product, your service, and your transaction related to your service. Structure your questions carefully; it's best if you use close-ended questions to avoid getting unrelated and invalid answers to your survey. 

4. Write Your Introduction

Once you're done listing your questions, add an introduction regarding your printable survey. Provide a brief explanation about your purpose of conducting the satisfaction survey and how this may help in improving your services with your customers before they begin to answer your survey. Giving knowledge to your customers allows them to answer your survey accurately.

5. Include a Disclaimer

Data privacy is highly important, so don't forget to include a disclaimer stating to respect and ensure the confidentiality of your customers' answers in your survey sheets. You may place this section near your introduction so that this can easily be seen by your customers.

6. Thank Your Customers

Of course, never forget to show your appreciation of your customers' time and dedication in answering your satisfaction survey. Provide a thank-you note at the bottom part of your survey stating your gratitude for their participation. This may be a very short note but this is highly appreciated by your customers.