For every operating business or establishment, logs are to be kept every now and then to track the business' activities. These logs are either recorded daily, weekly, or monthly. If you are searching for monthly sheets for your business, then you have come to the right place. Here at, we give you professionally written Monthly Sheet Templates. Our templates are flexible to your needs because we have made them entirely customizable to cater to your logging needs. We offer 100% high quality, quick, and printable templates. Available in A4 & US print sizes and GOOGLE DOCS. Download one template today! 

What Is a Monthly Sheet?

A Monthly Sheet is a type of sheet that is used for logging the monthly records or activities of a business or establishment. These records or activities may refer to a planner, food logs, monthly grades, monthly attendance or timesheets, and many more. Logs are then kept for future references in case of potential discrepancies in the future (tracking sheets). These are also used to keep track of the current company resources.

Aside from its business use, monthly sheets are for personal use as well. Take budgeting, for example. In the United States, 32.9% of their budget goes to housing, 12.5% goes to food, and 11.3% goes to personal insurance. If you ever plan on minimizing your expenses, writing them down is the most effective way of doing so. It helps you identify where a large portion of your money goes to. Religiously tracking your expenses will help you see improved results.

How to Create a Monthly Sheet?

Creating monthly sheets can be time-consuming. If you want a lesser time to be consumed by making a monthly sheet, you'll find our tips helpful below.

1. Determine the Purpose of Your Monthly Sheet

You cannot create a printable datasheet without knowing its purpose first. Your goal might be for monitoring attendance, logging monthly grades, etc. Find out the use of your monthly sheet so you'll know what to input with the rest of the document's content.

2. Create Using a Software

You can only create tables with ease by using a spreadsheet. You can either use Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets for creating your monthly sheet. If you are logging in quantitative data for your timesheets or inventory, then the spreadsheet's tabular form is the ideal platform for it. Once created, save your work for future use.

3. Add the Necessary Information

For example, you are creating a sample sheet for your household budget, provide other necessary information such as the date, budget for the day, expected costs, etc. This will help you create a confusion-free document.

4. Divide Using Columns

For your simple sheet to be understandable and pleasing to the eyes, divide your content. Divide them into columns and group them according to their category. In your budget, for example, you may separate your food and transportation expenses to see which typically takes up much of your budget.

5. Or, You Can Download Our Templates

All the tips we provided above are helpful. But if you are in a hurry and you don't have enough time to spare creating tables, then you may download one of our Monthly Sheet Templates. No need to worry about fees, because these are free for your consumption. You can customize these worksheet templates to your liking. They're yours to keep forever once downloaded, too!

6. Print and Use

Before printing, check your document for any errors---especially if it's for official use. Once everything has been finalized, it is now ready to print and use. Again, check the document for ink-related issues and reprint for a cleaner and presentable basic sheet. Submit to your superior for approval.

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