Termination Checklists Templates

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What is a Termination Checklist?

Whether you have decided upon it or the employees themselves resigned on their will, it is your job as the employer to implement a clear and thorough termination process. A termination process can be lengthy depending on the HR policies of an establishment. With that, you might find termination checklists as a useful tool because it is the master list that helps you keep a track of necessary steps required to make a termination letter. 

How to Create a Termination Checklist?

termination checklist template

Employment contract termination is considered as a part of managing relations between employees and employers. If it is done wrong, chances are, grave consequences will follow for both parties. Having a termination checklist in place can assure a smooth employee termination process. If you want to come up with a comprehensive employee termination checklist for your company or business, have a look at our guidelines below.

1. Know Your Preferred Format

Before you dive in and write down the details of your checklist, you have to determine first its format. Among the formats include a physical checklist with literal checkboxes, a format with ample space for comments, and format the contains both elements. Knowing what format you want can provide enables you to come up with a termination and pre-termination checklists with a goal in mind.

2. Determine Necessary Details

This is the step where you have to identify the necessary details that you would want your termination checklist to have. By knowing such details, you can indicate the necessary steps for a successful employee termination process. Properly collect information about the termination, retrieve company properties used, give out forms. Eventually have a final talk with the employee, update the payroll and other systems in the Human Resources department, and so on. Here are more suggested contents you can include in your termination checklist:

  • List of termination details

  • Update permissions and access

  • List of company properties to return by the employee

  • List of the employee benefits after termination

  • Review and record employee agreements

  • Issuance of the final paycheck

  • Exit interview details

  • Record-keeping of the employee's file

3. Organize Content

Even if you have all the necessary details of what makes a thorough termination checklist, it will all be pointless if you do not organize them in a comprehensive format. One way of making sure that everything is organized is to categorize these according to priority and place it all in a table. In this way, you can ensure that your sample checklist is comprehensive enough for other people to understand. 

4. Proofread

You will use your termination checklist for a long time so if you will neglect to proofread it, chances are there, it can affect the process each time an employee would leave or resign. When you proofread, make sure that the entirety of your employee termination checklist ensures you've provided employees with the termination legal documents they need.