Employment Checklist Templates

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How to Create an Employment Checklist?

An employment checklist is a written document or questionnaire usually used by human resource managers for their company's employment process of a new employee. The contents of an employment checklist could either be a background check of a new hire, an employee's job description, and other factors of an employment process. Moreover, the employment checklist is also used for other human resource tasks such as employee documentation, payroll processing, and the recording of employees who violated the policies stated in the company's official employee handbook.

To help you create an effective employment checklist for your company's employment process, we have gathered a few tips that you can apply when doing so. 

1. Write an Overview and Disclaimer

The overview will give the new employee an idea of what the checklist will be all about. Let them know if it's for a background check or an agreement regarding the company policies. Moving forward, the disclaimer must state the sanctions and consequences should the new employee provide false responses on the checklist, especially on his/her background. It should also state that once he/she affixes his/her signature on the checklist, it signifies that every response he/she made is truthful. There are hr checklist templates and employment checklist templates on the internet that have a given overview and disclaimer. You should check them out for reference. Or better yet, download them.      

2. Ask Relevant Questions 

This is most important when asking about the new employee's background. What you should ask are his/her educational attainment (e.g. primary, secondary, tertiary), previous job position levels (employee, advisor, management, middle management, executive management), and relevant seminars and training programs he/she attended.   

3. Enumerate The Company Policies

Letting a new employee know your company policies before his/her starting date is always a good step to take. Hence, you must enumerate them in the checklist. Beside each enumerated policy, provide a space for the new employee to write down his/her remarks about it. In general, the policies you must enumerate should be about dress code rules, punctuality, payroll, and company information confidentiality. 

4. Enumerate The Mandatory Requirements for Pre-Employment

Before a new employee can start his/her official employment period, he/she must comply with the mandatory requirements for Pre-Employment. Enumerate all of them and provide a space or box for the new employee to place his/her checkmark which indicates that he/she already has that said requirement and will be submitted shortly.    

5. Let The New Employee Affix His/Her Signature

As mentioned earlier, the new employee's signature signifies that his/her responses on the checklist are truthful. So without the signature, it means the information provided by the new employee is not to be considered truthful or official yet. If the responses of the new employee are found out to be false, then he/she might not be sanctioned accordingly due to the fact that he/she hasn't affixed his/her signature on the checklist.