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What is a Closing Checklist?

Closing checklists are an important business checklist that you must have in your establishment because through this list, it will make the work much easier and will guarantee the flow of the business to run smoothly and ready for service.

How to Make a Closing Checklist?

Checklists reduce forgetfulness, reduce human error, shorten the time it takes to complete a task, and increase the quality of the execution plan of each task. Listed below are some effective tips on how to create a sample checklist to help you organized and keep your business sparkling. Study and understand each step well.

1. Write a Header

In the upper portion of your closing checklist, the first detail that must be seen is the name of the establishment. For example, if you are the restaurant manager, then state the restaurant's name, the complete address, and the restaurant's contact information. You may also add a note if you like such as "consult with your legal counsel or attorney before taking action."

2. State the Key Details

Now, this is the most important that must be seen in your closing checklist. Why? Because when the night time comes and it's time for you to close the kitchen or the restaurant or the bar, you want to do as much preparation as you can to get them ready for the opening of the next day. Here are some of your restaurant checklist's most important items that must be checked daily or must be in a waitress duties: flip the door sign from "Open" to "Closed.", wipe the front door if it's glass to remove fingerprints, tables, counters, booths, elevated chairs, booster seats, and any other open surfaces should be washed down and sanitized, seasonings, salt, pepper, and sugar are refilled, restock snacks of paper, place on the table the chairs and many other important details.

3. Design

Designing a quality checklist is not complicated. It must be a simple and readable form so that it will be easy to comprehend by your waiter, bartender or barista if ever you are operating a cafe or a bar. But if you don't want to waste your time creating a checklist from scratch, then you may download our printable templates offered here in Template.Net.

4. Double-Check the Checklist

Do not forget to check every single word even the punctuations that were used after collecting all the data required for your closing checklist or responsibility checklist. An efficient service checklist is free of mistakes such as grammar, spelling, etc. Double-check everything to make sure you've listed all the items that must be check when closing an establishment.

5. Print the Checklist

The last step in creating a closing strategic checklist is to print it. Use a high-quality paper in printing the list. But if you prefer to have your closing checklist online through the use of mobile phones and others, then you may do it also. Select a way where it is more convenient for your staff to use in your restaurant, kitchen, or bar.

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