It is common among medical professions to deal with the physical and behavioral health of patients. Therapists, for one, need to be trustworthy to ensure their patients' wellness. As Dr. Noam Sphancer mentioned, good therapy involves the patient's emotions and behavior. If you're planning to work as a therapist, convey your commitment to providing good therapy with the help of our Therapist Cover Letter Templates. Whether you're experienced or just graduated from college, our professionally written samples will help you create a cover letter that stands out among others. Impress the recruiter by subscribing to our templates now!

What Is a Therapist Cover Letter

A therapist cover letter is a formal letter of application that a professional therapist submits when applying for a vacant position. A therapist applicant submits this letter alongside a resume, certificates, and other supporting documents.

How to Write a Therapist Cover Letter?

According to Dr. Shainna Ali, despite the profession being emotionally draining, the number of trained therapists is still growing. If this is the right career path for you, refer to our guidelines below to aid you in writing a cover letter.

1. Research Useful Details about the Employer

To tailor your cover letter according to the job, research details about the employer. In this way, you’ll not only know the name of the employer but also have a good understanding of their organizational structure. You can either visit their official website or go to their institute for this purpose.

2. Gather Information from the Job Description

After doing your research, you can begin getting details about the therapist position you are applying to by checking the posted job description. This action will help you tailor both your cover letter and your resume to the employer's needs.

3. Compose an Initial Version of Your Letter

It’s always best to start any writing process with a draft to ensure quality content. Why? Because doing so will help you structure your thoughts properly. By getting the ideas in place, you’ll know whether there is a need for further research about the employer or the job.

4. Organize Your Letter into Sections

Not just cover letters, but any simple letter should have organized content. Divide your letter text into three paragraphs: an introduction, main body, and a closing statement. The main body of the letter should correspond to the details in the job description.

5. Keep Your Letter Content Relevant

Ideally, application letters should not go beyond one page. In terms of word count, it should be between 200 and 400. There’s a chance that your cover letter might go beyond this range, which is why you should trim it down by focusing only on the most relevant details.

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