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There are various sizes for brochures to accommodate the number of content companies and businesses wish to convey. In this article, check out the brochure sizes you can use for your own! brochure-size

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Brochure Sizes Standard


The most common of the standard brochure size. It provides a decent amount of space for designs. Its paper size range from 210 × 297 mm to 8.27 × 11.69 inches.


This size is half of the standard A4 size. Paper sizes range from 148 × 210 mm or 5.83 × 8.27 inches.


This is double the size of an A4. Perfect for catalog and magazine layouts but also for big brochures as well. The paper size ranges from 297 × 420 mm or 11.69 × 16.54 inches.


It is short for dimension lengthwise. Very often it is used for promotional brochures as its printing is cost-effective, especially in bulk. Its paper size is 110 × 220 mm or 8.66 × 4.33 inches.

Brochure Sizes for Digital – Social Media

Facebook Brochure Size

Facebook is a great place to upload brochures thanks to a lot of users present online every day. On Facebook, the recommended upload size of brochures is 1,200 × 630 pixels>facebook-brochure-size

Twitter Brochure Size

With millions of users active constantly on the server, it is the perfect platform to post brochures. On Twitter, the recommended upload size of brochures is 1,500 × 500 pixels.


Instagram Brochure Size

The Instagram app is another great avenue to promote businesses like food, fashion, and travel through a brochure. In Instagram, the size of images has been set to 1080 × 1080 pixels.


LinkedIn Brochure Size

LinkedIn is the best place to post recruitment and business brochures. On LinkedIn, the recommended upload size of images for brochures is 1200 × 627 pixels.


Brochure Sizes for Print

When it comes to brochure sizes, there are about four standard sizes that are generally used: 11″ × 25.5″, 11″ × 17″, 8.5″ × 14″, and 8.5″ × 11″. However, it also greatly varies when you have them uploaded online. The following can show you what sizes to put on for either print or digital.


Brochure Sizes for Email

Like most emails. the best size for a brochure that is being sent there is 600px × 650px.


Brochure Sizes for Business

The sizes suited for business brochures are similar to the ones demonstrated in the above sections: standard brochure sizes and brochure sizes for print.


Brochure Sizes for Adobe Photoshop

In Adobe Photoshop, you can make a brochure with any of the standard sizes. However, it’s a lot easy to stick with 8.5 × 11 inches.


Brochure Sizes for Adobe Illustrator

With a brochure template, the best size you can make for them is around 8.75 × 11.25 inches.



What size is an A4 brochure?

An A4 brochure’s size is 11.69 inches × 8.27 inches.

What is the standard size of a brochure?

Four standard sizes are available for brochures, which are 8.5″ × 11″, 8.5″ × 14″, 11″ × 17″, and 11″ × 25.5″.

What paper size is a brochure?

The paper size of a brochure varies depending on which standard size is being used.

What are other standard brochure sizes?

Other standard brochure sizes include the following:

  • A3 – 29.7 × 42 cm
  • A4 – 21 × 29.7 cm
  • A5 – 14.8 × 21 cm
  • DL – 11 × 22 cm
  • Letter – 27.94 × 21.59 cm
  • Legal – 21.59 × 35.56 cm
  • Half-letter – 21.59 × 13.97 cm

What is a half-fold brochure and sizes?

A half-fold brochure aka a book fold brochure is a type of brochure that is folded once in the middle, and the sizes are 8.5” × 11”, 8.5” × 14”, 11” × 17”, or 11” × 25.5”.

What are the dimensions of a tri-fold brochure?

The common dimensions of tri-fold brochures are 8.5″ × 11″ inches.

What is the size of a business brochure?

The size of business brochures will vary depending on what standard size users choose.

What is the standard layout of a brochure?

The standard layout of a brochure is usually either a bi-fold or a tri-fold.

What are the standard brochure sizes for printing?

Standard brochure sizes are 8.5” × 11”, 8.5” × 14”, 5.5” × 8.5”, 9” × 12”, 11” × 17”, and 11” × 25.5”.

Which type of brochure is right for your business?

Types of brochures like A4 and A5 are the right ones for your business.