Journal Sizes

Journals can be a great way to store in writing all your thoughts and opinions on a certain activity/event. But when looking for a journal, what size should be the best for your use? Read on to find out.

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Journal Sizes Standard

There are plenty of sizes that can be used when it comes to choosing/preparing a journal of your own. As for the standard ones, here are the journal sizes that are most used:


An A5 journal size has a dimension of 5.8×8.3 inches and is the most common one used for journaling.


A B5 journal size has a dimension of 7.2×10.1 inches and is one of the most popular oversized journal notebooks in use.


An A6 journal size will measure 4.13 inches in width and 5.83 inches in length and is frequently used for pocket-sized journals.


The letter-sized journal measures 8.5×11 inches and is the most popular oversized journal in the US.


A legal paper journal has a dimension of 8.5×11.75 inches and is usually a top-bound notepad paper for desktop padfolios.


Composition journals measure around 7.5×9.75 inches and are economical daily journals with ample room for notes.

Journal Sizes for Digital

Sizes for digital journals (such as bullet journals) will vary depending on the digital journal app that is being used. For most word apps, their default size is usually followed, with oversized dimensions of 8.5×11 inches. For digital journal apps being used on smartphones, however, the size of the journal largely depends on the screen size of the smartphone being used, which usually hovers around the average of 5.5-6 inches in size, which can be small compared to the other digital size.

Journal Sizes for Print

For printing, the most common journal sizes that can be used are A4, (8.27×11.69 inches), A5 (5.8×8.3 inches), and A6 (4.13×5.83 inches). To preserve their high quality, they can be printed on a thick sheet of stock paper or card. After printing, they can be enclosed in leather covers and should not have loose bindings.

Journal Sizes for Email

For email, there is a practice called email journaling. It is the practice of recording all communications for use in the organization’s email retention strategy. As for sizing, it shouldn’t exceed the maximum allowable limit for regular email sizes, which is around 25 MB.

Journal Sizes for Business

For businesses that use journals for their accounting, there are two types of journal books. They are the general journal (for small businesses) and the special journal, such as a sale journal (for big businesses). Both these journals come at around 8.5×11 inches in size.

Journal Sizes for Adobe Photoshop

The most common journal size to follow when you’re making one in Adobe Photoshop is the A4 paper size (8.27×11.69 inches). This rings true regardless of the type of journal being created, whether it is a travel journal, a planner page, a chart, and so on. To maximize the space given and to ensure that there are no unwanted white edges, the bleed must also be added.

Journal Sizes for Adobe Illustrator

When creating a journal in Adobe Illustrator, you can also opt for the A4 paper size. Also, just like in Photoshop, bleed edges should be added, so that when the blank template is being printed, the artwork takes up the entire page and no untidy white edges are visible.


What is a good size for a journal?

The sizes for a journal will largely depend on your preference, such as A6 for pocket journals or B5 for oversized ones.

What size is an A4 journal?

An A4 journal measures 21.0×29.7 cm.

What is the measure of the quality of a journal?

To measure the quality of a journal, it can undergo a citation analysis, peer analysis, and circulation and coverage analysis.

What is a good H-index for a journal?

A good H-index for a journal is 20.

What is a high impact journal?

A high-impact journal is a journal that has articles that are regularly cited across the academic spectrum.

What qualities in a journal paper should be looked for?

It includes transparency, its aim and scope, its indexing status, the peer-review process, and its reputation.

What is a typical scholarly journal?

A typical scholarly journal is an official periodical that contains articles written by experts in a particular field of study.

What do journal articles contain?

It typically contains an abstract, an introduction, a methods section, a results section, a discussion section, and a list of cited works.

What is measurement in journal?

Measurement is a scientific journal that covers all the important aspects of metrology.

What size is a B5 journal?

A B5 journal measures around 182×257 mm.

How to reduce journal size?

To reduce a journal size, select its artboard using the artboard tool and enter the new sizes in the artboard editor panel on the right-hand side of the application.