How to Make a Certificate in Google Docs

From a birth certificate, gift certificate, completion certificate, service award, down to a certificate of appreciation, there are all sorts of certificate templates in the market. And if you wish to generate a new certificate but don’t have enough money or time to make one, simply use Google Docs—a reliable alternative certificate maker tool to draft any printable certificate for free and in the quickest way possible. how-to-make-a-certificate-in-google-docs

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  • Go to your browser and head on to Google Docs. Make a new document or open any blank document and name the file as a certificate. From your document, click File at the top left menu and adjust on Page Setup. Tap Insert and click Table to add a table as your certificate. Then, edit your certificate from its design, font, size, etc.

How to Create Certificates in Google Docs

Indeed, Google offers an array of tools from Google Drive, Google Forms, Google Slides, and the Autocrat add-on in Google Sheets. And you cannot forget about Google Docs as it is also a dependable certificate maker. So how will you make a certificate in Docs? Simply observe the following steps:

1. Log on to Google Docs first and create a new document. Since Google Docs is an online word processor, make sure you have access to the internet and that you have a Google account already.

2. In your new or blank document, edit its title; and naming it “Certificate” would be appropriate. And as most certificates are presented in a landscape, be sure to select File at the upper left menu followed by Page Setup. Change its orientation from portrait into landscape. You may alter the margins and page colors for the certificate format too.


Note: Google Docs has an auto-save feature. Thus, you won’t have to fret about forgetting to save your files.

3. Certificates are well-known for their borders. So be sure to add a table as your border in the document. An example is to click Insert, then Table, and select 1 x 1. Or perhaps, you add an image as your border.

4. A certificate isn’t complete without the text. So start inserting the data you wish to incorporate in your certificate. You might want to keep the font styles fancy too, as seen from Google Docs’ Extension Fonts.


5. Use the draw tool to add a text box. When you open the draw tool, just click Text Box so a new text box appears. And that is where you insert the rest of the certificate’s data.

6. Also a notable feature of a certificate is the signature line. Those signatures help validate how legitimate and credible the printed certificates are. The same goes for inserting the official seal of approval. And here’s a concrete example of how a complete certificate would look like:


Note: Do you want a quicker way to create certificates? Head on to for a stellar collection of editable certificates in Google Docs. And each template is easy to download, edit, and print.