HR Employee Relations Templates

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How to Make an HR Employee Relation Document?

An HR (Human Resource) employee relation is an effort made by the company to establish a healthy and productive relationship with employees. It would involve communicating them through printed documents that would serve as an employee morale boosters. Some of these documents are intent letters, checklists, notice, forms, charts, and more.

Miserable and unsatisfied employees would generate negativity that would spread towards the entire company. It seems logical that successful companies tend to have happy employees because, according to statistics, happy employees experience a 31% increase in their productivity. So, as a Human Resource (HR) Officer, you need to have open communication and relation with your employees. As one of the administration executive, it is your duty to make sure that every employee is healthy and happy. Below are tips that you can follow in coming up with an HR employee relation document that would help you achieve it.

1. Come up with Outline

In any company involving documents, you need to plan it. First, set your expectations and goals for the document. Do you want to make an employment letter for an employee? Or a labor checklist? Either way, outlining is an effective way to produce a well-rounded HR document. To properly draft your document, you would need to have a heading and subheading for each section. 

2. Include Key Points

You would need to cater to various HR employee relation documents, but the bottom line is you need to fill out them with key points. To do it, you need to make sure that you have a vast understanding of the document that you will make. If not, you can research it online, navigate through printed documents, or survey your audiences. Either way, since you have sorted the outline accordingly, it would be convenient for you to insert these pieces of information. 

3. Follow Organizational Standards

After making sure that the content is clear and concise, you can now choose the form to use according to the organizational standards. Golden rule— be as relatable as possible, so choose the proper format that would compliment your document. For HR employee relation documents, a block form is suggested. Check the overall format of the form and correct whether there are misspelled words, grammatical errors, wrong indention, inappropriate capitalization, and more. This is as important as filling the critical points of your document as it would be misunderstood. It would turn out to be unprofessional and unethical.

4. Review, Edit, and Revise

This tip would turn out to be cliché but for legal documents like HR employee relation documents, this is a must. After you follow the latter tips, you would need to review your document over and over again. For reference, you can let your supervisor review it for you. Ask for their feedback and make it as your reference in editing. Doing this would greatly help you in coming up with a comprehensive and industry-compliant HR employee relation document.