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Have HR Letters Handy for Your Company’s HR Department with’s Free HR Letter Templates. Whether You Need a Letter to Welcome a New Employee or an Exit Interview for a Resigning Employee, Get Professional Human Resource Template Samples that Are Editable and Easily Printable. Choose from Free Templates Online Including Cover Letters and New Employee Introduction Email Templates.  See more

Free HR Letter Template, Printable, Download ensures businesses, employees and Human Resource managers have equal access to its library of free templates with printable HR letter templates. Get all kinds of HR letter template examples that contain original content in simple or formal outlines that are editable and fillable with our editor tool. Choose your HR letter template samples to make letters of welcome for a new hire, recommendation, or request for salary increase.

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Choose from different kinds of professionally-written HR letter template samples that are useful for employees, HR admins, generalists, and managers. We have resignation letters, complaint letters, job application letters, acceptance letters, proof of address or employment verification letters to the Embassy for travel purposes, letters of concern, or transfer letters. All template examples are editable online and free to download in PDF or PNG file format.


  • What do you mean by HR?

      HR or human resources is the department of the company that deals with hiring, training, and support of the workforce. Their main job is to provide the workforce with their much-needed support to fulfill their duties. They are also responsible for compensation and benefits, recruitment, firing, and others.

  • What's the difference between letters and forms?

      The difference between letters and forms is the format. A letter tries to share information by creating sentences and paragraphs while a form provides data through fields and rows. 

  • What are the two types of letters?

      The two types of letters are:
      1. Inquiry letter
      2. Information letter

  • What type of letters does HR send to applicants?

      Depending on the status of the applicant, the HR may send an application acknowledgment/time frame letter, does not meet minimum qualifications letter, non-interviewed letter, non-selection letter, offer letter, and budgetary constraints. The applicant might not receive all of these letters and may receive the only message applicable to their current situation.

  • What letters does HR send to an embassy?

      At times HR may send letters to an embassy or any government agency depending on the need of the workforce. The type of letter that an HR manager may send to an embassy includes a visa application and an immigration letter.