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When we were growing during the earliest stages of our lives, we can not deny that we always wanted to be something when we would reach adulthood. Some of us wanted to be a pilot, a policeman, a chef, a fireman, a captain of a ship, a filmmaker, an artist, a singer, a dancer and an actor. These dreams would shift from time to time as we grew older and reached adolescence.


Once we get to decide what we want to be, we enroll in the course which would lead you to that kind of job in the future. If persistent enough, we might be able to pass and excel with flying colors each year. One of the truest feelings you will ever get is to get a glimpse of what your profession would be through an internship. You may also see Employment Application Form.

To know what the definition of an internship is, read on. This article will also provide templates of internship application parts and we will enumerate to you the parts of this kind of application form. Adding to that, we will also be listing the do’s and don’ts if one is already doing his/her internship.

Sample Internship Form

sample internship form

Application for Internship Form

application for internship form


Internship Program Application Form

internship program application form


Internship and the Parts of the Application Form

Before we would enumerate and explain the parts of an internship application, let us first discuss what an internship is and why is it so important? For starters, an internship is a programme offered by the different courses in an academy where the students are given the chance to work in a company that could give them a glimpse of what it would be like if they will choose and work a specific type of profession after the students would have eventually graduated. Being able to go through and complete an internship programme is important because it is an avenue for the student to choose to either pursue this kind of career or to shift to another one. It will help them decide if they have enrolled in the right course and if this is really their passion or not.

Now that we have got that covered, it is now time to move on to the parts of an internship application form. As you will notice after seeing and reading the parts of the internship application form, you will find that its parts are similar to that of any other application form, especially having a close resemblance to a job application form. These are the following parts of an internship application form:

1. General Information

This is found in all application forms. Without this information, application template will not mean anything. This part will consist the name, address, birth date, phone number, cellular number, gender, age, height, weight, nationality, and email address.

2. University Information.

This is where you will write from what school you are currently studying and what course and major you are specifically taking. You will also place the address of the school and at times with other companies, your internship teacher or coordinator and some of his or her contact list and details.

3. Organizations

In this part of the internship application form, you will write down if you were a member or an officer in a specific school organization in your academe. It does not also mean you won’t include your organizations outside of school. The more organizations you have, whether as a member or an officer, the more the HR would look into you and see if you were efficient in every organization. The certificate template would come in handy for this part.

4. Work Experiences

If you have already worked while studying, include the company’s contact information and your job description. If your previous job has similar skills to your internship, you are more likely to be accepted into the internship programme of the company.

5. Skills and Talents

Do not be shy to write down your skills and talents. Some skills might be useful in your internship that can make you better. Letting the company know your skills and talents would guide them in where they would specifically place you where you could be more efficient if you are given a particular task.

6. Why You Need an Internship Application Programme?

What we mean by this is that a company’s internship application programme would want an answer why you choose their company and not the other competitors. Always remember to make it genuine and truthful because bad things would happen if you would lie. There is always a follow-up interview if ever your internship application got accepted by the human resource.

These are basically the parts of an internship application form. Do note that it is still very important to make your handwriting as understandable as they can be so that the HR won’t have a hard time informing you if they are willing to give you a chance to work in their internship programme. You may also see Sample College Application Letters.

Student Internship Form

student internship form


Application Form for Internship Program

application form for internship program


Graduate Internship Application Form

graduate internship application form


Internship Scheme Application Form

internship scheme application form


Employement Internship Application Form

environment internship application form


Student Development Internship Form

student development internship form


National Internship Application Form

national internship application form


Do’s and Don’ts During Internship

For the last section of the article, we will be presenting the do’s and don’t during your internship programme. Read and understand this part because it will help you and guide you as to how to approach and behave in your internship in the hopes of impressing your supervisor or even better, the management with your performance. These are the do’s and don’ts in your internship:


  • Do have a good resume free from errors or misinformation.
  • Do say thank you if ever your supervisor compliments you or has recognized your work. This also goes to anyone who is an employee in the company if ever you get the chance to interact with them.
  • Do be friendly and smile as this will let the employees know that you are approachable.
  • Do answer with courtesy not only to your supervisors but also to everyone in the workplace.
  • Do accept professional criticism and try to be better.
  • Do a task with an effort.
  • Do ask help if ever you are having a hard time.
  • Do your responsibilities.
  • Do have the initiative to work even if you are not asked to or was not expected from you. Showing signs of initiatives is a plus in the supervisor’s eyes alone.
  • Do have fun to avoid getting all drowsy and bored with your internship.


  • Don’t pass an opportunity if that type opportunity will give you the chance to grow and learn from the outcome of it.
  • Don’t be hesitant in asking questions. Be curious.
  • Don’t be late.
  • Don’t be consecutively absent. This will give a bad impression from the management alone and can often lead them to dismiss you at any time.
  • Don’t disrespect your supervisors.
  • Don’t be contained in your safe zone. Come out because you are given the chance to experience what it is like working in the real world.
  • Don’t just listen to reply, but listen to understand to your supervisors who will give you tips to adapt to the working environment.

These ladies and gentleman, are generally the do’s and don’ts one should display and follow in the workplace where he or she is having his or her internship. Remember that you are still on a training ground and that the real challenge starts when you will be already throwing your toga’s in the air because you would have graduated. This sole reason is why you should always be polite and show that you have not wasted your years in college.

But, it does not mean that if you fail your internship, you are already a failure. As mentioned earlier, the internship will be an avenue for you to see if the profession is really for you or not. You don’t have to worry if you would get behind your friends if you realize late that the course is not for you at all and that you have a different calling. Always remember that people have different timetables in their lives. You may also see Job Application Letters for Assistant.

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