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In today’s digital world, contact details of most of our acquaintances, friends, family members, colleagues etc are stored and maintained in either our cell phones, computers or laptops. But imagine a scenario where our systems hard drive crashes or our mobile is stolen or our cell phones battery drains out right at the moment when you need to contact someone urgently. You may also see To Do List Template.

This is where manual copy of contact details play a vital role. It is always advisable to maintain data in soft copy as well as hard copy for backup. Available here are a variety of list templates which are easy to download edit and print as per users requirement.

Sample My Contact List Template

This template is the simplest contact list to maintain, it’s called the most important contact list. This template helps to maintain data like name, address, phone number, email id and special notes if any of all your important contacts be it personal or professional.

Sample Contact List Template

Emergency Contact List Free Download

This template is used to maintain contacts details which can be used in case of emergency. It includes information about the person like his name, address and contact number, contact information about nearest relatives, contact numbers of family, work place and personal cell phone number, details about name and contact of children’s school / day care provider and medical number of hospital and family physician. This template is very useful and a must to carry during travels to get assistance in case of an emergency.

Cyber Security Contact List Template

Neighbor Contact List Template Example

Sample Employee Contact List Template

This is a very useful template for organization to maintain systematic information about their employees. It includes information like personal details of employee such as full name, address, home contact number, cell phone number, personal email address, job related information like job title, work phone number, official email id, and emergency contact information like name and address of the person to contact in case of emergency and their relationship with the employee.

Sample Business Contact List Template

Customer Contact List Template Printable

This template is useful for retail outlets and stores it includes information like buyers name, item bought, quantity bought and their contact details. It data can be used for future reference if the outlet plans to announce a new product or scheme or special discounts.

> Benefits of Contact List Template

  • A Contact List template is a ready guide to all your contact information without being dependent on gadgets.
  • Maintaining a contact list a step towards management of contact data in an organized manner.
  • It’s an essential tool to manage all your contact details be it personal or professional in a systematic manner and create our own data bank of contact information.
  • Also when the data involved is in larger numbers using a template is the easier and less time consuming.


We humans are termed as social animal and hence staying connected to people is an essential aspect of our life. Be it for personal reasons or professional the most important thing to enable us to connect with people is have their contact information, hence go head and download a contact list template from the many options available with us and STAY CONNECTED!!!.

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