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A company’s human resource (HR) department is at its busiest when new employees are being interviewed and hired. Hundreds of hopeful job applicants applying for the same position submit their application letters and CVs; then approximately half of them are shortlisted; about a quarter of the applicants take exams and get interviewed; and, ultimately, only one or two applicants are successfully hired.

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It is a long process, not only for the applicants, but especially for the human resource department as well. It is the HR staff members who collate all the resumes, review them, schedule interviews and exams, create the exam questionnaire, get in touch with all the applicants, and create the job offer for successful hires.

HR staff already have their hands full every time a new position is opened. But their already considerable workload gets even heavier when a company opens a new branch or office of around 15 to 20 employees. Hiring all the new people to man this office would likely take six months or more.

Before interviews can even commence, top management and the HR staff need to discuss the positions which need to be filled up. Usually, it is never clear-cut when companies are about to hire new personnel. Costs come into play especially for salaries and employee benefits (health and food benefits, and also other monetary incentives). Management might give the tasks of the new position to a current employee or even hire an internal candidate rather than post the job opening in websites and newspapers. Once the position has been finalized, though, the first step of a long recruitment process begins with the posting of a job opening notice.

If you are working for HR, here are some job opening notice forms you can download and use for your job opening.

Sample Notice of Job Opening


Sample Job Description Form


ASPA Position Sample Job Posting

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Senior Citizen Advocate Position Sample Job Posting


Registered Nurse Sample Job Posting

job posting examples registered nurse 20170823 e1512353552630betterteam.com

Legal Services HR Manager Sample Job Posting

sample of internal job posting 129597391 e1512353543233budget-template.org

Physician Assistant Sample Job Posting

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Early Childhood Educator Sample Job Posting

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Sample Notice of Job Opening


Office Assistant Sample Job Posting

sample of internal job posting interview12




Tips when making and posting job opening notice forms

Even if you want to fill up the vacant position as fast as possible, you should not compromise the quality of the job opening notice form. You still need to incorporate important details and make sure only the best applicants apply for the position. Here are some tips when making job opening notice forms.

Be specific with the job description and specifications

job description and a job specification are two different things. A job description basically describes the job while a job specification describes the job holder. To elaborate, a job description lists down the job title, duties, tasks, and responsibilities involved in a job while a job specification lists down the applicant’s qualifications, skillss and abilities. Both should be very specific and concise so they can be easily understood by applicants.

A job description should not be listed as a general or vague statement. Each task the applicant will be working on during his tenure in the company should be listed in detail. Unfortunately, there are some companies that do not list everything in the job description, which can trigger early resignations from new hires. Companies will be at fault if they omit some information in the job posting. Similarly, companies that choose employees who do not even meet the minimum job specification requirements have only themselves to blame.

Jobs are hard to come by these days. Even the most qualified job seekers who have years of experience in various fields are not assured of getting a full time job. One wrong move such as getting hired by the wrong company that does not fit their qualifications will set them back a few months or even a year, which is a dangerous career move on their end. If experienced job seekers have difficulty finding full-time work, thousands of fresh graduates looking for their first jobs will have a harder time. Unfortunately, companies these days are looking to downsize, and the downsizing starts with laying off some employees, even those who have long tenures with their respective companies. Companies are also looking for more versatile and multi-skilled personnel as they want tasks that were previously accomplished by multiple persons to be done by a single person.

Do not forget to list your company’s name and address

Companies sometimes focus so much on the job description and specification that they even forget to input their own company details. Online job posting forms are easy to edit and replace, but the problem lies in physical job posting forms which are printed on paper and posted in various public places such as malls, office buildings, and schools. If you have printed and posted a hundred of these forms around your city and noticed some missing details, it will be difficult for you to remove and replace each one.

Additionally, listing your company’s name and address will let applicants know a little bit of information about your company,  especially if your company is a startup looking for individuals to fill up your office space. Sometimes, an applicant’s decision to pursue his application depends on the company’s office address. An office that requires an hour of travel just to get there will definitely give the applicant second thoughts.

Include an HR contact number

Most applicants want to follow up their application after they have submitted their resumes or after they have finished their interviews and exams. Applicants do not want to be left in the dark regarding their application, so the HR department should avoid this issue and provide contact details (cellphone number, email address, landline number, etc.) that the applicants can use to get in touch with the company.

Some companies do not want to include a contact number when they post the job posting. The reason for this is that HR is still shortlisting candidates for interview and are also still doing other HR-related work for the company. It is understandable that they do not want to be disturbed by applicants calling every now and then. But it is important to understand that companies also need to be transparent with the applicants if they have been hired or not.

Tell your company’s story

One way to entice applicants to apply in your company is to provide a short background of the company’s history and current operational capacity. As always, wordplay is very important in business, especially in sales. In this case, you are selling the company to job applicants and convincing them that working in your company is the best choice they can make for their careers.

The most effective job posting notice forms contain a short background of the company. At most, the company background is written in one to two paragraphs, which is more than enough to convince the applicant if he wants to apply to the company or not. The background may include when the company started, what products or services they are selling, how they have gained a competitive advantage against competitors, what plans they have to expand their operations, and why applicants should consider the company a good fit in their respective long-term professional careers.

Although applicants tend to fix their sights first on the job description when looking at job posting notice forms, adding a short background will include another layer to it. This is most effective for start-up companies that are not yet known to job applicants who are cautious of submitting their CVs. Job applicants cannot be blamed if they are hesitant to apply since most of them are looking at large corporations and multinational companies for work.

Expand your location

Do not limit your job postings to a small area or within the company premises. Expand the location of the job postings and post them around the city and other nearby areas. This also extends the reach of your company to the job applicants while increasing the visibility of the job posting as well as your company. Expanding your location most likely increases the number of applicants, making it easier for you to find more qualified applicants.

Another way of expanding your location is to utilize technology and post the same job posting in your website, social media page (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.), and other job posting websites. Applicants now prefer browsing through the web for job openings as it is more convenient for them and for the company. Additionally, technology has made it easier for HR to collate hundreds of CVs and job applications as they can now be stored in a cloud storage, removing the clutter from physical resumes printed in paper.

We hope you found our job opening notice forms to be informative. Also, take note of the tips in making and posting job opening notice forms to maximize your job postings and eventually hire the best candidate.

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