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10+ Catering Order Form Templates – MS Word, Numbers, Pages

For certain businesses, maintaining order forms can make for interesting options when it comes to the convenience of their customer bases. After all, order form templates allow their respective customers to do business remotely. Use of order forms can apply to a wide variety of businesses, such as delivery or service businesses, which includes catering services. You may also see Order Templates.

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Catering is definitely a profession where you can expect to see order forms being used. After all, catering order forms do make for an effective means of placing orders to catering businesses fairly easily and effectively. Of course, there are a great many modifiers to basic catering orders, being that there is some overlap with more specific order forms, such as event orders.

Catering Order Template

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Basic Catering Order Forms

Excel Template for Catering Order Form

Catering Event Order Form

Functions of Catering Order Forms

While you may see catering order forms as well as other order forms in PDF being used to place orders, there are some other functions implied by the act of allowing clients to do that. Knowing what these implicit functions are may go some way to helping you make the most of any order form templates you may use.

Stating Items

All simple order forms are meant to include the basic items being ordered. This is only natural so as to allow clients to state exactly what they need for that particular transaction. This function of order forms allows clients to state what items they want without ambiguity, which allows the business to understand the specific needs of that particular client so as to satisfy both parties.

Including Quantities

These catering order forms also need to include the quantities of each item, as would be the case with any other printable order form. This is especially important in the case of food, as clients would need to specify exactly how much would be needed at their events so as to let the catering service accommodate all the guests. One can also argue that this is necessary information for the catering company to be able to do its job.

Listing Date and Venue

For all sample event orders, it would be necessary to include the date and venue. Obviously, not including this information makes it impossible for the caterers to deliver the food when and where it is needed. Many caterers also provide services like managing the food in cases of buffets, so it can be doubly necessary to include the date and venue so as to ensure that they can do their jobs properly.

Providing Contact Information

For most transactions, it is necessary for both parties to be able to stay in contact. To that end, many of these catering order forms also include space for both parties contact information or allow parties to state a contact person. This would be necessary since catering can be a more complex business than many people understand. Hence it would be necessary for both parties to be able to stay in contact so as to coordinate every aspect of the catering transaction.

Stating Payment Information

It would also be necessary for the order form to have space for billing information like a billing address, credit card details, and others. This allows the catering company to be sure that clients have a means of paying them. After all, this prevents companies from being swindled and can allow them to determine if clients are even paying for their services well in advance.

Catering Order Form Templates

Printable Catering Order Form Template

Exhibitor Catering Order

Corporate Catering Menu Order

Food Catering Service Order Form Sample

Tips for Making Catering Order Forms

When making use of order form Excel templates, there are generally some tips you may want to use so as to make sure that you make your forms properly. These tips can apply to different sample order forms, so you may be able to get more utility out of the tips than you might assume at first glance. Some tips to pay attention to in particular include:

Make sure the form has all necessary elements.

All service orders need to be sure that they have all the necessary components so as to be able to properly convey their clients’ needs. This includes space for names, contact information, basic information for the transaction, etc. After all, if the most necessary categories are missing from the form, then it becomes much harder for clients to communicate what they want, which is an unnecessary difficulty in a transaction.

Include miscellaneous instructions for clients.

In cases like these, it is also wise to include miscellaneous directions for clients. This usually takes the form of instructions for canceling any food orders clients may make. After all, canceling too close to a date can cause unnecessary difficulties for the company, particularly in terms of expenses and effort. With that in mind, it would be wise to state your company’s policy when it comes to cancellations or any other matter that may be cause for concern.

Be sure to double check your forms.

All official documents need to be made to a certain standard, so it pays to double check your own documents before releasing them. After all, if your business is to be taken seriously, then you need to impose high standards on everything, including your documents. Customers are more likely to take you seriously and patronize you if your forms appear to conform to high professional standards. This does serve to make it much easier to earn the trust of your clients so as to secure their business.

Make sure to keep the form orderly.

The more orderly forms like menu order forms are, the easier it should be for your clients to understand, and subsequently, use. It pays to make sure that your offerings are organized neatly so as to make it easier for clients to go through them. After all, clients would assume that such forms are around for their convenience, hence why should take steps to make them so.

Keep the form simple to use.

To that end, do make sure that your forms are as simple as possible. Your form really should only have whatever elements are necessary for customers to place orders as efficiently as possible. Simply include only the most necessary elements, and then you can spend time arranging them so as to make your order form easier for your customer base to process.

Make sure to include a list of prices for convenience.

This includes adding the exact prices of what items customers may order but also includes other prices such as services, tax, decor, linen, etc. After all, if your business is large enough, you may be able to include such things. These elements would not only provide more choices for your clients but can also serve to specify your costs so as to make customers aware of everything you provide for their events.

Sample Catering Order Forms

Catering Order Form Excel Template

Blank Catering Order

Catering Order Request

How to Make an Order Form

If you wanted to make the most of tools like sample order forms, it would be best to be aware of the exact steps you would need to take. After all, the argument can be made that these steps are needed in order to ensure that your own forms are made properly.

First, start with your client’s personal information.

Your own order form formats always need to begin with your client’s personal information. After all, this is exactly what you need to associate the order with a specific person so as to move ahead appropriately. This information may even be needed to tie in with billing information so as to know who ought to be paying.

Include space for the expected number of people.

Your client should very likely have an idea of how many people are attending the event, which is information that does need to be communicated to you in order for you to make the right preparations. After all, you would need to know how many people are coming so as to be able to know how much food to prepare and how many staff you would need.

Include a list of all items the client is ordering, with respective prices and quantities.

The most basic part of these blank order form templates is the item list. You do need to include this in your own forms so as to give your clients space to actually place their orders. Aside from the items themselves, you also need to add space for their respective quantities and prices so as to be able to give your clients full information concerning their orders.

You may choose to write this in the form of packages for the sake of ease.

If your business offers them, you may provide packages for your clients that include more offerings than standard. This can serve to provide your clients with more options at convenient prices so as to suit more needs than you otherwise could.

Also, be sure to include billing information.

You should be sure to include billing information, even if you use free order forms as frameworks for your forms. After all, this is a necessary field for your business as a business as it is precisely what you need to include to ensure that you are paid for your services. Of course, this can be a convenience on the customers’ parts as well, as they may be able to pay at convenient dates, according to whatever method is most convenient.

Finally, make sure to include instructions for time-sensitive information.

As a service business, there is some information that would need to be given to you in a timely fashion. This includes the number of people in attendance or cancellations. In order to make it easier for yourself, you should be sure to include such information so as to let your clients tell you so as to give you time to respond appropriately.

In Conclusion

Hopefully, these insights should go some way to making catering order forms easier for you to use. At best, you may even be able to apply some of this knowledge to other kinds of order forms, just to allow you to get the greatest possible utility out of it.

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