Order Templates

A business order is a stated intention or an agreement between two or more parties, either spoken or written, with the aim of engaging in a commercial transaction. There are two sides of this document. From the seller’s point of view, it is a sales order. On the other hand, the buyer considers it as a purchase order. Orders are an essential part of the business society. However, depending on the business activity intended, order templates can be grouped into various classes Read More

Types of Business Order Templates

Market Orders Templates

It is the most common and basic type of corporate order. It contains details that instruct retailers or brokers to buy or sell certain goods at a given price to suit the market’s demands. It includes both buying and selling prices of a given good in the market. You can understand the price dynamics of the market at a single glance of this document. This order is suitable for fast moving goods as they are executed immediately. It is important to understand that a printable market order template is the most reliable and fastest way to evaluate the market to determine whether to get in or out of the trade.

Limit Orders Templates

These are orders that direct the price of buying or selling. A limit order for purchase is executed at a specified limit price or even lower while a limit order for selling is completed at a given limit price or higher. It dictates the purchase and selling price of various goods in the market. A limit price is set beyond or below which, trading will not take place. Limit Orders Templates are suitable for investors who have a specific amount of money that they would like to spend.

Stop Order Template

These orders come to play after a specified amount has been reached. It is usually referred to as a stop level. They, however, contrast with limit orders in that, the buy stop orders are above the market price while sell stop orders are below the market prices. They regulate the amount to reduce or avoid risks of losses. Perhaps goods cannot be sold at lower prices than buying prices. They cannot also be sold at extremely exaggerated prices. This order is in place therefore to regulate such situations.

Conditional Order Templates

Just as the name suggests, these are orders placed with conditions. These are an advanced form of orders that are submitted if certain conditions are met or can be canceled if they criteria is not fulfilled. There are two samples of conditional orders: the order-sends order and one-cancels-the-other order. The previous order allows automatic ordering if the conditions are met while in the latter, failure to fulfill the requirements of one order cancels the other orders.

Duration Order Templates

This order affects goods that have a specific time on the market. There are various forms of term orders. Among them include day orders which expire automatically after a regular trading session if not fully executed. A good-till-date order, on the other hand, almost always remains active until a user specified date. The other is immediate-or-cancel orders, which require that they are executed immediately or be canceled.


You need to remember that it is as much important to know how to trade as well as when to trade. Getting a clear understanding of these orders will enable an easier maneuver in the business sector. Getting to know them and putting them to use are, however, two different things, and this will boost your business practices as much as aid in avoiding unnecessary losses.