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Photography Order Form [6+ Templates To Download]

Photography order forms make it easier for customers to communicate their requests to the photographers in terms of which package they want to choose, any special preferences, the deadline by which they want the pictures delivered, among others. The more nuanced an order form, the less room for future confusion.

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5 Steps to Write a Photography Order Form

Step 1: Create an Organized Layout

An order form is a serious pillar of the transaction between the photographer and client and should look professional. Make sure that the layout is organized and does not look cluttered. Wide panels are a great go-to. The client should not feel confusion or clumsiness while filling in the form. remember, a neat and organized order form helps you build a brand and create the right first impression.

Step 2: Choose an Appropriate Font

Choose a formal font style that reflects the professionalism of your service. Only highlight relevant headings and post-scripts either by making the selected portion bold or a size bigger. The font should coincide with the kind of vibe your company is going for: old-school and sophisticated or modern and hip.

Step 3: List Packages Elaborately

While listing the choices for the packages that your company is willing to offer, make sure that each of them is sufficiently explained within the order form itself. This helps the customer understand the scope of the different packages and what they entail, preventing room for ambiguity in the future.

Step 4: Incorporate Client Feedback

Within the order form, preferably towards the fag ends, leave room for the client’s comments. This would include special requests, specific instructions and feedback from the prospective client. Not only does it make the communication more transparent, but also helps photographers deliver better quality services.

Step 5: Mention Terms and Conditions

If there’s one thing that customers absolutely hate, it’s hidden costs. Big events run on tight budgets and thus it becomes difficult for clients to factor in last-minute costs. Make sure that all the terms and conditions of your services are mentioned distinctly to promote a good reputation. Include all terms and conditions related to the use of your services. Also, it’s important to keep on improving your order forms to reflect the changing business needs.

10+ Photography Order Form Templates

1. Creative Order Booking Form Template

Minimalistic and modern, this sample order template embraces contemporary design with neatly categorized information panels. It can be availed in versions that are compatible with both Microsoft Word and Adobe Photoshop. This photography template boasts of 300 DPI and FULL BLEED, as well as advanced options for customization and local print readiness.

2. Order Booking Form For Photographer

This is a monochromatic template with the borders decorated with leaf motifs, providing the much-needed splash of colors. It can be easily downloaded in the form of a fully layered PSD file. Easy customization options and printer-ready, this printable order form template also has free fonts and its colors and text can be edited.

3. One-Page Photography Order Booking Form

This photography order form template is an affordable option in black and white that is available in Microsoft Word and Adobe Photoshop compatible versions. The download link will be delivered to you within a 5-10 minutes’ window of placing your order. The free order template has been layered to enable easy editing.

4. Elegant Photography Order Booking Form

In terms of design, this template has a very sophisticated vintage feel to it with a little floral emblem at the top. Its 300 DPI makes it a high-resolution simple order form that can be instantly downloaded, edited and printed through your local or online printer. It also comprises free fonts.

5. Simple Order Form Example

File Format
  • DOCX

Size: 723 KB


A simple design template in a black, white and grey palette, this one is available as a Microsoft Word photography order form. The sample order forms template entails a single-page file in A4 size. The language here is highly descriptive, and the content is very clear. Download this free order form for any photography gig.

6. Tabular Photography Order Booking Form

File Format
  • DOC

Size: 9.04 KB


A very professional-looking photography order form template, this option is available in DOC format. It is fully customizable and can be edited to suit specific cases. The beauty of this template is that it leaves room for the photographer to build on the skeletal framework that the free order form template provides.

7. Dance Photography Order Form

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 85.1 KB


This photo order form template can be downloaded as a PDF file and can be operated on in Adobe. It entails a single page of information panels, with the relevant company details mentioned right at the top of it. The blank order form template is printer-ready and can be printed online or locally.

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