14+ NewsPaper Templates – Word, PDF, PSD, PPT

A newspaper is something that we come across not only in our societies but also in our work place, institutions and smaller communities. The power of press and words is indeed something to marvel at. Newspapers and Journals have evolved over time and have a variety of layouts and formats. These Sample Newspaper Templates have been technically and professionally designed to make your work appear more certified and easy to input your data in. Choose from a multitude of formats for your choice of template like PSD, PDF, MS Word and more and make your news more eye-catching and impressive.

Blank Newspaper Templates

A newspaper is supposed to be considered as a boring piece of paper. We give you a chance of changing the perception of most of the individuals out there. With the help of blank newspaper templates, you are able to create your own newspaper guidelines based on the terms of professionalism, as we well as are trendy and new. They can be downloaded in PSD, PDF and word format and can be printed easily as well.

Octa Publica Blank News Paper Template Google Doc

Free Newspaper Templates

Newspapers are the heart and soul of our lives regardless of language. Institutions, work places and smaller living communities tend to take up newspaper printing to keep people informed of the local gossip and other information. These Free Newspaper Templates have been specifically designed to give each and every one of you the freedom and ability to utilize the power of press, entirely free of cost. Choose from numerous templates to your specifications along with your choice of formats such as PSD, PDF, MS Word and more to your convenience. You may also see Word Newspaper Templates Free Download.

Editable Free News Paper Template PPT Format


Newspaper Ad Templates

When it comes to designing a newspaper, one not only needs to understand the concept of writing, but also of designing the advertisements for each layout. These Newspaper Ad Templates have been crafted to help the budding News writer in you to place the Ad according to various styles and formats. Each of these templates has been approached on a technical and professional level to give your work the sensationalism you require. Choose from a million designs along with your preferred formats such as PSD, MS Word, PDF and more.

Retro Newspaper Ads Design Template Download

Newspaper Article Templates

There is a writer in all of us, but it takes a professional hand to get the perfection of writing newspaper articles. These Newspaper Article Templates have been designed to make your work easier to understand and appear more skilled. Designed with specific design sets and their appropriate layouts, these designs only require you to put in your data and Voila! You have your perfect Newspaper Article. Choose from a variety of template formats like PDF, MS Word, PSD and more to your convenience.

Printable Blank Newspaper Article Template Download

Newspaper Templates For Kids

It is said that the eagerness and spice for writing buds right from the childhood. By giving children the opportunity to understand the concept of newspaper writing, they can also instill the interest in understanding the layouts and styles of the design. These Newspaper Templates For Kids allow you to give them an exercise in newspaper writing and build their technical skills early on. Choose your design from millions of our templates along with your choice of format such as PDF, PSD, MS Word and more.

The Scoop Newpaper Template for Kids Download

Newspaper Templates For Word

While writing may come easy to most of us, it takes a bit of skill and knowledge to get the formats and structure of a newspaper to a ‘T’. These Newspaper Templates For Word have been specifically designed to make newspaper writing and printing easy for you in MS Word. The layouts have been aligned to specifically suit the writing platform of MS Word. Choose from a variety of our template designs and simply key in your data on Word the way you always do.You may also check out here Printable Newspaper Templates.

Free Download Newspaper Template


Old Newspaper Templates

It is not uncommon for older and more traditional concepts to be introduced in our daily routine. These Old Newspaper Templates have been designed to bring in the retro touch to newspaper writing. They layouts and styles have been professionally formatted leaving you to only input the data within the mentioned gridlines. Choose from a multitude of designs and give your hot news the perfect old school touch you are looking for. All these templates are available in many formats such as PSD, PDF, MS Word and more for your convenience. You may also see Vintage Newspaper Templates.

Boxing Showdown Old Newspaper Template PSD Format

Newspaper Obituary Template

The word ‘obituary’ simply means a ‘notice of death’, mostly a news article that has a brief  description of the death and funeral arrangements of a deceased person. Basically, there are two  types of obituaries. One is a ‘basic obituary’­ a kind that you see in local newspaper. Second is a  ‘notable obituary’­ a longer biographical kind that appears for notable people in large  newspapers. It also supports PDF, PSD and word formats. You may also see Newspaper Obituary Templates.

Newspaper Obituary Template Free Download


School Newspaper Template

a school newspaper is a pallette of colors full of imaginations, it deals with spicy news and every possible thing that is loved by a teen. These newspaper are colorful and strike out the formality of having a blank and white printed newspaper. These newspapers are available in several different colors.

Editable Newspaper Template

Editable Newspaper headline Template is a simple newspaper that consists of articles which can be  modified or changed as per your requirements. It includes content as well as beautiful designs  which are editable in nature. The images can also be replaced easily. Editable newspaper is very  helpful as you can make new articles using it on your own. It also supports PDF, PSD and word  formats.

Sunshine Editable News Paper Template


Vintage Newspaper Template

Vintage newspaper templates, as the name suggest, is aimed to create a lasting impression in the  minds of the readers by careful selection of artwork and a legacy style of content presentation.  These templates mostly follow the style of old newspaper publications, and are mostly designed in  Microsoft Word or in certain cases, PSD to give the rustic effect. You may also see Newspaper Layout Templates.

Vintage Newspaper Flyer Template PSD Download

Student Newspaper Template

Student newspaper templates may vary a lot based on the nature of the content. A publication of a  picture composition would demand a different template as compared to a research finding.  Therefore, based on the formal nature of the document, they are designed using Microsoft Word  (for formal articles) or PSD images (for semi­formal/casual writings).

Elementary Student Newspaper Template Google Doc Download

Old Fashioned Newspaper Template

These kinds of templates are mostly used for occasions where in the motive is to create a retro or a  vintage effect on the readers. The legacy of the old and gold feature these kinds of newspaper  templates where in primitive art works are used to present the content. These are mostly in  Microsoft Word format or at times, PSD images as well. You may also see Powerpoint Newspaper Templates.

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