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4+ Training Summary Report Templates in PDF

The training summary report refers to the idea of a single document that records the different details of training conducted in a fiscal year. The training can be of any field and institution but keeping heir record and reporting it is important. This process helps to keep a record of the different training details, like the number of people trained, the locations were chosen for the process, etc. This process of summarizing and preparing the report can help you if you need to file it to someone from the authority. We have structured several templates structuring training reports that might be helpful to you for structuring your report. Have a look at those and choose the best for your report.

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5 Steps to Make a Training Summary Report

Step 1: Basic Details

The training summary report should begin by specifying the details of the training program. Like the name of the program, space it was organized at, the start and end date of the program, etc.

Step 2: Sections of Trainees

If the number of trainees is large they should be divided into sections. Thus you need to keep a record of different sections of trainees and the status of their training program.

Step 3: Implemented Training Methods

The training program might be one where you learn something physically or mentally or verbally. But every trainer uses some techniques for teaching certain things that need to be recorded.

Step 4: Attendance

Your training summary report should always read the number of people attended the program each day from the beginning. This process is best to be communicated of counted in percentage system.

Step 5: Trainer’s Details

The names of the trainer or trainers who came to conduct several programs and sessions need to be recorded. This helps to analyze the effectiveness of each trainer’s training and communicative skills later.

4+ Training Summary Report Templates

1. Employee Training Summary Report Template

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 269.7 KB


Different organizations do provide their employees with several training programs for sharping their skills and training them new techniques. Some organization even does this on the specific request of the employees’ interests. But whatever training program you organize it is better to ask them what they learned and what they felt after attending it.

If you too need to have such feedback from each employee of your firm you can use this template of ours. This template finely specifies the space that can be used to record your feedback along with your names and other basic details. You can also use our other templates on the report in Word format for more ideas on the process.

2. Field Training Summary Report Example

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 99.0 KB


We understand that a training summary report conducted in the practical space needs a more specific structure to record the different details. That is why we have designed this template and have offered it to you. This template has covered all the weekdays of the training period and has aimed to cover each day’s data specifically.

It also provides space to record other field data. You can refer to this template if you need to make a field training summary report. Apart from this we also have our templates ready on the report in Pages format. We understand that the more option you get the more you like to explore for your project. That is why we have offered you our free report sample that would not charge you even a single penny. So try those templates today!

3. Training Summary Report in PDF

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 97.8 KB


Different training summary needs to be framed in different structures following the content each program is dealing with. If you are not focussing on a large population this report template in PDF format can help you to frame a proper report.

This template may make your task easy as it focuses on both the attendants and non-attendants simultaneously. You can also use this template if you need to frame a report for formal purposes as it is simple, precise and specific. So try this template for shaping your training report or choose our free report template to get more ideas on the structuring process.

4. Training Session Summary Report Template

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 273.1 KB


We understand your schedule and how hectic it would be when you are dealing with training programs. That is why we have designed several templates on several training processes and structures that can help you to structure your training programs. For example, this summary report template is one of those that we have to offer you.

You can use this to structure your report. You also have the option to access our free report templates that you would get for free. So have a look at those templates of ours and save your money and time.

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