10 Free Pay Stub Templates

If you’re an employer, then you must know that the information on a pay stub is crucial for letting you see if there are any errors in the payroll. It also allows you to decipher the paychecks of each of your employees.

Employees benefit well from the information that they gain from pay stubs. The reason for this is because it will tell them everything they need to know regarding their salary, showing them the wages that they have earned for the pay period, and all the deductions are taken out of their earnings.

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The Purpose of Pay Stubs

A pay stub contains information that can be used by both the employee and the employer. For an employee, the pay stub can be used to see records regarding their pay. The pay stub allows the employee to see whether or not they are paid correctly; that means checking out their total salary and their deductions and seeing if everything adds up. So when an employee wants to see information regarding the number of hours he or she worked, and check if the amount that the employer paid him or her matches, then all one has to do is go through the pay stub.

The employer can use the pay stub in the event there are any discrepancies in the employee’s payroll. Let’s say that an employee’s social security number is incorrect. This means the taxes the employer filed with the federal and state authorities will also be wrong, and it’s possible that the employee’s withholding amount may get applied to someone else’s account. This could cause some serious problems if left unchecked. So if an employee has questions regarding his or her pay, all the employer has to do is go through the payroll stubs.

E-Pay Stub Template

E-Pay Stub Template pulaskicounty.org

Simple Online Pay Stub

Simple Online Pay Stub ymcaboston.org

Paycheck Worksheet Pay Stub Template

Paycheck Worksheet Pay Stub Template silvershr.com

Pay Stub Example Template

Pay Stub Example Template thirteen.org

Salary Pay Stub Template

Salary Pay Stub Template slco.org

How to Read a Pay Stub

By learning how to read a pay stub, you’ll be able to keep better track of all your income. Once you are able to understand the pay stub’s layout and terminology, then you can easily keep track of how much you’ve earned, how much money you get to take home, and how much of your earnings were given to any withholdings. Keeping a careful record of your earnings will help improve your overall finances, which will really be helpful in the event that you have to make a financial statement. So here are the steps that will help you read your pay stub.

For understanding your earnings:

For understanding what taxes and withholdings were taken:

For finding additional items and summaries:

It’s exciting for a new employee to receive a pay stub, but after a while, it will be so routine that the employer would barely appreciate it. Some of these employees don’t even bother looking into the envelopes that contain their pay stubs anymore. This is a mistake as one should know all about just how much one should be earning. Employees need to know that pay stubs are useful when the time comes that the information it contains will help them out. So if you want to learn more about pay stubs or if you would like a template that can help you create your own, then you may go through any of our available pay stub templates to help you get the information that can help you out.