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39+ Samples of Stub Templates

When an employee works for a particular company, it’s to be expected that the employee gets compensated equal to the amount of work given after a certain period of time. There’s always that feeling of joy after getting one’s own paycheck, knowing that the hard work has finally paid off. You can also see more on Pay Stub Sheets.

10+ Types of Check Stub Templates

Employees go to work every single day, conducting different tasks and upholding responsibilities that their employers require them to do. So naturally, once payday arrives, employees expect to be compensated for the amount of work that they have produced. However, employees have a right to know how much they’re making and why they’re making the amount they have received.

41+ Free Pay Stub Templates in Google Docs | Google Sheets | MS Excel | MS Word | Numbers | Pages | PDF

Are you working as an accountant or in HR? Ensure every employed independent contractor, colleague, and other employees know the monthly deduction through our free pay stub templates in Google Docs. Each check stub lets you quickly write a sample statement or sample invoice for a small business or large corporation in construction, manufacturing, and other sectors during the payroll check. The employee template offers a convenient format that quickly shows salary computation like a calculator and is compatible with any portal sample sheet.

12 Paycheck Stub Templates in Excel

Employees need to work in order for them to earn their salaries to live their day-to-day lives. However, they also need to learn just how much they earn and why they’re getting the amount of money that they receive. They need some form of document which lays out the details regarding their salary.

13 Free Check Stub Templates

If you happen to be a manager in a given company, then you might have need of different kinds of document templates to help make your work easier. These documents may include letter templates, as well as simple pay stub templates. In the case of pay stubs, you can use these tools to give yourself an easier time making records of employee payments and avoiding any payment-related issues.