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One of the best and challenging jobs is to be a best teacher. It is one of the best because you get to interact with people and impart them the knowledge that you know and hope that they would use that knowledge to guide them in the future. It is also one of the most difficult jobs because of that same reason. You may also see plan samples.

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Lesson Planner for Teachers

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You have to learn how to control a group and teach another one during the next hour and handle their worksheet and different kinds of personality. But some survive the life of a teacher may it because it is their passion or of the reason that they know how to balance their work and personal lives. One can do that with a teacher planner or better known as a lesson planner. You may also see free budget planner samples.

Teaching Plan Binder

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In this article, we will be explaining to you what is a teacher planner or a planner itself. We will also be providing you templates that you can check out to give you a better view of what are the different looks of a teacher or lesson planner. Next, we will be enumerating to you the parts of the teach planner and what is the importance of being a teacher. To end this article, we will be discussing with you on how can one person become a great teacher. If you are interested in the teaching profession, better take note of the following paragraphs. You may also see free morning routine planner template.

Teacher Lesson Planning Guide

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The Teacher Planner and its Parts

A planner is defined as a tool that someone can use to plot his or her plans in a particular date at a particular time. It is basically you trying to schedule your month in an orderly fashion. It can also be sued to plan activities to help you attain a goal for the month, year day or week. There are different kinds of planners with the likes of a financial planner, study planner, goal planner, monthly planner, diet planner, mental health planner, etc. For the sake of this article, we will be tackling on the components of a teacher planner or a lesson planner. This type of planner is used by teachers to plan out what days would he or she conduct a lecture or an activity to his or her student in a week. You may also see sample daily planner templates.

Here are the basic things that should be present in a teacher planner:

1. Date

This refers to the dates of the week. It is essential that you will be able to know the schedule of your classes within a particular week so you can carefully plot your activities. You may also see homeschool daily planner templates.

2. The number of hours for the activity or lecture

This part is where you should write how many hours are you going to lecture or do have an activity that your students should do and make sure it doesn’t pass your class schedule. In the event that it would pass, you have to plot out another date for such activity or lecture. You may also see cute daily planner templates.

3. Break time duration

In this part of your planner, you have to plan if you are willing to give students a break in the between, This is suitable for professors who are handling college students and have a class that ranges from 2-4 hours each day. Giving them rest is important because it lets them avoid being overloaded with so much information. Not even the smartest person in the world can take too much knowledge in a given day without rest. Let them recharge themselves. You may also see free marketing planner template.

4. What to make

This pertains to the dates you are planning to make your activities and preparing your lectures for the students the next day or the week after that. It is important that you have the time to do your responsibilities as a teacher so that your students will see you as a credible teacher. With that being mentioned, it is also important to understand what you are lecturing and make sure the activities have no loopholes. You may also see free event planner template.

5. Personal time off

Being a teacher does not mean that you will not have any more time to yourself. Do not be so consumed by work because it can get toxic and makes you hate it as time passes by. Always find a date within the week to have time for yourself. You can also plot out a date where you want to catch-up with family, or some old friends or even a day where you can spoil yourself for all the hard work you have given for the past few days. Do not let your work life get in the way of living your own life and taking on other priorities. You may also see hourly planner templates.

Example of a Lesson Plan

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Teacher Planner (Pre-school) 2018-2019

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The Importance of Being a Teacher

In this section, we will be enumerating and be explaining to you the importance of being a teacher. You might want to stick around even if this is just an easy question to answer. It may help you remember a particular teacher with that kind of importance and see if you could also give the same thing to your students or future students. You may also see simple printable daily planner templates.

1. Teachers can inspire. What a teacher goes through every day is already inspiring. Do not believe me? Just look what they go through in one day. They teach kids for several hours, different kinds of classes and only have lunch break most of the time. But sometimes, their breaks are spent checking papers and preparing for their next class. After that, they still have their personal agenda’s to attend to and responsibilities for their families at home. That is already tiring but at the same time inspiring as you would see how one would go out of his way to serve others and still have time to pamper his or herself. You may also see weekly planner samples.

2. Teachers try to make things easy. Not every student is equal incomprehension. Some learn faster, others slower. But even that as a fact, most teachers go to great lengths just to help his or her student understand well the lesson at hand even if some already got the gist of it all. Some even would offer tutorials with less pay just to help a group of students who are still having a hard time understanding a particular topic. You may also see daily route planner templates.

3. Teachers give a preview of the real life.  This can be eminent for those teachers who are experiential once discussing their topics at hand. These kinds of teachers tend to add the subject to real life and how one can be so affected by it. They also are the ones who push students to try their best and elaborate that there will always be a failure in life and it will never stop. But they can also be the one to motivate and tell you that success is not a stranger too. Experiential teachers help one reflect on his future and his well being in the now at the same time. With that being said, that is more than intended knowledge to be imparted to the student for a particular subject. You may also see daily action planner templates.

Teacher 5-Day Lesson Planner

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Teacher Planner Template

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How to be a Great Teacher

If you have fully understood the importance of being a teacher, let us now move on to the final part of this article. The final part of this article will talk about how one can be a great teacher to his or her students in the classroom. We suggest that you take notes of the following for this will help you in a big way if ever you are planning to be a teacher or have received an assessment report that you are not doing well in term of handling your students. Just make sure you are consistent with these tips so. You may also see printable day planner templates.

Here are the following tips on how to be a great teacher:

1. Be a friendly companion. Be a teacher that looks and acts approachable. Students often find it quite difficult to approach their teachers because of how looks can be misleading. Surprise them and show them your happy and funny side. You also have to be careful in acting like this because although it might help them get comfortable with you, you have to avoid them not giving you respect. You may also see agenda planner templates.

2. Don’t limit yourself to the chalkboard. The chalkboard has been the trend since grade school. Try something different and take your student by surprise. Try to venture out on different activities in which the students can easily get topic. Experiential teachers behave like this and have this kind of teaching strategy. Students tend to get an information more if they actually try to apply it in real life which can sometimes be called the experiential cycle. You may also see free daily planner templates.

3. Know when to switch yourself. In teaching, there will always be the possibility when your students can be so annoying already. As humans as we are, we have to react to that kind of situation especially if it irritates us. As a teacher, you have to know when is the proper time to get angry and when is the right to just stay calm to not frighten your students. If you switch to the strict person you are, let them also understand why you are acting like that. You may also see weekly meal planner templates.

These are tips on how to become a great teacher. You can continue to search for more ways because that is another characteristic that a great teacher should have, the ability to not stop learning how to be great. If you are consistent in the tips, you will not be surprised if students would still be fond of you even if they would not be your students anymore in the near future. You may also see daily planner templates.

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