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  1. Program Template Bundle
  2. Program Definition & Meaning
  3. What Is A Program?
  4. 10 Types Of Program
  5. Program Uses, Purpose, Importance
  6. What’s In A Program? Parts?
  7. How To Design A Program?
  8. Program Vs. Programme
  9. What’s the Difference Between a Program, Invitation, and an Invitation Card?
  10. Program Sizes
  11. Program Ideas & Examples
  12. FAQs
  13. More in Program


Programs are a great way to manage the time and make sure the event flows smoothly for the guests. Read on to find out all you need to know about programs!

Program Template Bundle

program template bundle
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Program Definition & Meaning

A program is a series of activities and measures set for a specific time frame.

This means it is used in both business and personal settings to plan out activities relevant to the time given.

What Is A Program?

A program is a plan composed of activities/measures for a specific event, whether it is for a training session, music concert, school conference, or summer camp. Not to be confused with a computer program which is also referred to as such. This can help event planners with time management and also give a heads up to participants on what is going to happen.

10 Types Of Program


Training programs involve making plans and activities to help employees of business improve their skills. The program’s effectiveness will reflect on the development of the people as skilled workers. Using this can help you carry out a successful training session.

free training program proposal template format


Church programs involve showing the activities that are going to happen at a mass or a church activity. This can help participants and facilitators know where the church program is going and what its purpose is. This is a big help for pastors, priests, and parishioners.

free church program templates 2x


Wedding programs are the most common program templates used. These are put to good use by wedding planners and are given to wedding guests so they know how the wedding goes. Its content involves timing, the activities, guests, and directions of the couple’s special day.

free wedding program templates 2x


Event programs are used for parties, business conferences, and the like. Its content usually lists out the activities and special guests of the event. Making use of this can help you pull off whatever vent you are planning.

event program templates 2x


A funeral program is given to the guests who are attending. They contain details of how the funeral will go such as the time, the activity, and the speakers. Funeral programs tend to be produced by the funeral homes facilitating the ceremony.

funeral program invitation template880


Perfect for celebrating in the winter holidays. A Christmas program lets users make an organized plan for whatever festive events are on during the holiday season. You will be able to organize your activities like gift-giving, dancing, and eating with ease!

merry christmas program template cover


While similar to a birthday greeting card, a Birthday program has a more detailed plan for a birthday celebration. Its content involves information about the birthday celebrant and plans for the party. using this can help you run a fun and successful birthday party.

free birthday program templates 2x


School programs are created by teachers and organizers of a local school program like a play or talent show. They contain information about the program such as the students participating, the time schedule, and the performances. This can help readers who are most likely the parents, understand what is in store for them.

free school program templates 2x


Memorial programs are produced by those who have arranged the memorial ceremony for those that are grieving. It contains details about the program like facts about the dearly departed and the activities set for the day. It can also help guests understand and come to terms with the person’s passing.

memorial program templates 2x


An incentive program contains details on how employees can receive perks and rewards for something. Its content would have instructions that employees have to follow. This is used by operations managers and HR to encourage engagement with employees.

custom incentive program template

Program Uses, Purpose, Importance

To Prepare

With a program, whether it is for a wedding or a fitness program, you can help not just yourself but others to prepare for the activities that are in store for everyone.

To Organize

Keeping an event, activity, or plan organized makes it all go smoothly. That is why having a program written helps those who planned it to execute everything on cue. This is the case for examples like training and fitness programs.

To Inform

A program can help inform participants and let them know what they are joining. For example, guests at a wedding will know when and where the reception will be if they refer to the wedding program.

What’s In A Program? Parts?


The title of the event/plan is what the reader is going to see first as they go through a program. It should be able to tell your audience what they are in for.


Most programs have a facilitator who carries out the program. It is helpful to add their names so that people will know who to look for if they have questions regarding the program.


List out the activities that everyone will be doing as the program runs. Whether it is for a wedding ceremony or a business conference, listing the activities down can help participants know what they are going to do.


Including a timeframe on the program’s activities helps readers know how long the program will be. It also helps facilitators understand when to get the next activity or part of a plan moving.

Contact Details

Putting the contact details on your program can help readers know how to reach out if they have any further questions about the program.

what’s in a program parts

How To Design A Program?

1. Choose a Program Size

2. Decide the purpose of the Program

3. Select the Program Template

4. Decide your program plan

5. Add your content

6. Check the timing and download

how to design a program

Program Vs. Programme

A program is a set of activities or measures that have to do with a plan or event.

Programme is the same thing however this is set in the British English version.

What’s the Difference Between a Program, Invitation, and an Invitation Card?

A program contains details about an event such as the time, location, participants, and speakers.

An invitation is a letter that serves to know the receiver is welcome to an event and contains details about what they are invited to.

An invitation card is a version of the invitation however it is smaller and has shorter content in comparison.

Program Sizes

If you are wondering how big or small your program size should be, you can stick with the two standard sizes. However, you are actually free to customize it to any size that fits your needs.

program sizes

Program Ideas & Examples

If you are wondering how you can design your own program, check out our program idea examples so you can get some inspiration for your content!


How do I make a program in Word?

To make a program in Word, just open a Word file and insert your content for your program.

How do I make an event program?

First understand what your event is about, then list out the activities and details of your event program.

How do I create and edit Coaching Program Templates?

Create an outline of your coaching program and then include the necessary generic content.

What are the 4 parts of the event program?

The details of the venue, the schedule, a visual guide to the venue, and the contact details.

How to use a program?

You can use a program by listing out the details of your plan or event in chronological order to guide you once the program is on.

What do you write on a funeral program?

On a funeral program, you write details about the person who passed away and how the funeral ceremony will be organized.

How to create a wedding program template?

Add details of when and where the wedding ceremony is as well as the activities and rites that will occur.

What to write on a church program?

Add details about the mass or the church activity taking place in chronological order.

Why are programs still effective?

Programs help both the guest and the host follow the order of how a program is carried out.

What is a digital program?

A digital program is the same as a regular program except its content can be accessed through digital devices.

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