65+ African Animal Template Shapes, Crafts & Colouring Pages

Are you ready for a virtual ride through the wonders of Kruger Park, with all the African Animal Templates ready to be downloaded and put to your design use? Yes, it’s now possible for you to explore the niche in animal shapes that you love the most, as several African animal printables are up for grabs. Just download these packages, coming to with multiple image formats and sizes, and print them as per your requirements for utilities such as emoluments for craft works, visual knowledge transfer to kids and young learners, and lovable coloring exercises for the young at heart. Let’s learn more about how African animal templates offer you some amazing visual exhibitions, the kinds of varieties available in the category, and how you can use them in different ways for maximum fun and satisfaction.

Be quirky with your party decorations, use high definition animal shape templates and create all the animal masks and wall stickers that you want, to give a unique feel to the gathering. An African jungle theme will be truly special in terms of a surprise for your guests, and African animal printables help you do that. White rhinos, leopards, buffalos, lions and elephants – these are easily the most popular animals from the terrains of Africa, and it’s amazing to note that the popularity transcends the boundaries of the real world. There are so many Big Five collections of African animal templates that you will be spoilt for choice. Adding a touch of African magic to your theme based projects is possible with these templates. You can print these shapes on sticker paper and use as stick-ons for walls and scrapbooks. See more: Zebra Shape Templates, Lion Shape Templates

African Buffalo Template

african buffalo template

African Camel Coloring Page

african camel coloring page

African Elephant Coloring Page

african elephant coloring page

African Elephant Template

african elephant template

Meerkat African Animal Template

meerkat african animal template

African Fox Coloring Page

african fox coloring page

African Gazelle Template

african gazelle template

African Grassland Elephant Craft

african grassland elephant craft

African Grey Parrot Coloring Page

african grey parrot coloring page

African Jackass Penguin Template

african jackass penguin template

African Meercat Template

african meercat template

African Monkey Template

african monkey template

African Parrot Template

african parrot template

African Plain Lion Template

african plain lion template

African Rhino Template

african rhino template

African Safari Girafee Template

african safari girafee templat

Girafee Template

girafee template

African Zebra Template

african zebra template

Angry African Ostrich Template

angry african ostrich template

Ape Coloring Page

ape coloring page

Baby Gazella Coloring Page

baby gazella coloring page

Printable African Parrots Template

printable african parrots template

Buffalo Wild Animal Coloring Page

buffalo wild animal coloring pag

Elephant Template

elephant template

Camel Coloring Page

camel coloring page

Cape African Buffalo Template

cape african buffalo template

Rhino African Wild Animal Template

rhino african wild animal template

Girafee in Africa Coloring Page

girafee in africa coloring page

Line Art of Jackal

line art of jackal

Cartoon Ostrich Template

cartoon ostrich template

Chimpanzee Template

chimpanzee template

Cool Ostrich Coloring Page

cool ostrich coloring page

Cute African Animal Coloring Page

cute african animal coloring page

African Elephant Template

cute african elephant template

Cute Lion Template

cute lion template

Elephant Coloring Page

elephant coloring page

Printable African Squirrel Template

printable african squirrel template

Fennec African Fox Template

fennec african fox template

Line Art of African Leopard Template

line art of african leopard template

Free African Buffalo Coloring Page

free african buffalo coloring page

Grant’s Gazelle Template

grants gazelle template

Free African Leopard Template

free african leopard template

Gazelle Template

gazelle template

Girafee Coloring Page

girafee coloring pag

Printable Camel Template

printable camel template

Hippo Coloring Page

hippo coloring page

Jackal Template

jackal template

Leopard Coloring Page

leopard coloring page

Lion Coloring Page

lion coloring page

Madagascar Chimps Coloring Page

madagascar chimps coloring page

Meerkat Coloring Page

meerkat coloring page

Old Rhino Coloring Page

old rhino coloring page

Ostrich Coloring Page

ostrich coloring page

Squirrel Template

squirrel template

Parrot Coloring Page

parrot coloring page

Leopard Coloring Page

leopard coloring page

Printable African Lion Template

printable african lion template

Printable Fennec Fox Template

printable fennec fox template

Rhino African Animal Template

rhino african animal template

Snow Leopard Template

snow leopard template

Springbok Coloring Page

springbok coloring page

African Baby Camel Template

african baby camel template

Squirrel Coloring Page

squirrel coloring page

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