40+ Zebra Shape Templates, Crafts & Colouring Pages

Drawing animals and birds is a task which has to be done regularly at schools. But this same task is of difficult nature for some who are not good at drawings, crafts and arts. Animal drawings can prove useful for a number of purposes such as creating animal masks, animal models, projects and diagrams. One of the commonly drawn animals or an animal which might be needed in all drawings or projects is a zebra. To make the zebra creating project easy, anyone can make use of a zebra Animal Template or a printable zebra template.A printable zebra template is a readymade outline structure of a zebra which is so well defined that by tracing its outline, anyone can get an actual zebra structure. The template can then be customized or used as per need and the rest of the features can be completed. A zebra template is used very often and widely all across the world because they are easy to use, customize and highly beneficial. Zebra masks, zebra life cycles and many other purposes can be fulfilled by making use of zebra templates. You can also see Farm Animal Templates. The first step to use a zebra template is to download the template in the right size and then print it on a plane white sheet of paper. After doing so, you can cut out the outline of the zebra so that it can be used for projects, drawings and craft works. These templates are mostly available for free but can also be tagged at certain small costs. You may also see Reindeer Shape Templates. For all those who are in need of such templates we are also designing some of our own templates as well.

zebra templates

Cute Zebra Template

adorable preschool coloring pages zebra
The cute zebra template comes with an uncolored black and white picture of a cartoon zebra with cloud designs above it in the sky that makes the templates even cuter.

Draw Zebra Template

animal coloirng page zebra
The draw zebra template comes with the picture of a hand drawn zebra with black and white stripes all over its body. It can used to print in coloring books.

Child Zebra Template

baby zebra coloring kids
The child zebra template comes with the black and white uncolored picture of a cute baby or child zebra standing inside a stable. It has a cute look and feel.

Color zebra Template

baby zebra templa
Very clear from the name, the color zebra template has been specially drawn and created to be used and printed in coloring books that are meant for kids to color.

Empty Zebra Template

blank zebra template
The empty zebra template comes with the design of a real life zebra but with no stripes on its body. Users can fill up the body with any form of stripes.

Anime Zebra Template

cartoon zebra template
The anime zebra template comes with a beautiful and cute looking zebra design that can fill any person’s heart and soul with love. It can also be colored with any desired color.

7. Madagascar Zebra Template

madagascar coloring page zebra
Just as the name says, the Madagascar zebra template comes with an amazing design art of the zebra character from the famous Hollywood movie- Madagascar. It comes with numbered dots.

Cuddly Zebra Tem[late

cute zebra coloring page
The cuddly zebra template comes with design sketch of a highly adorable, cuddly and cute looking zebra that can make any person’s heart fill with love.

Coloring Zebra Template

free printable zebra template
The coloring zebra template has been specially designed and created for using and printing in coloring books. It comes with a hand drawn zebra figure with black and white stripes.

Easily Printable Zebra Template

free zebra coloring page
Just as the name says, this zebra template is easily printable and can be used to print over covers of coloring books that are meant for small school going children.

Small Zebra Template

funny little zebra coloring page
The small zebra template comes with a hand drawing of a small sized zebra with bright eyes. The zebra comes with a pose that suggests that it is hopping and running.

Zebra Color Template

funny zebra coloring page
Very clear from the name, the zebra color template comes with a zebra figure that is to be colored. This zebra template also comes with a background field behind the zebra.

Happy Zebra Template

happy zebra coloring page
The happy zebra template comes with the art sketch design of a zebra standing on its two rear legs with its front legs towards the sky making it happy to look at.

Hopping Zebra Template

jumping zebra coloring page
The hopping zebra template comes with the picture of zebra smiling and hopping on a ground. This template can be easily printed on coloring books and then colored with bright colors.

Outlined Zebra Template

outlie of zebra coloring page
The outlined zebra template comes with the outlined sketch figure of a zebra with thin outlined stripes all over its body. This template is easily downloadable as well as printable.

Pin Zeebra Coloring Page

pin zeebra coloring page

Printable Zebra Coloring Page

printable zebra coloring page

Printable Zebra Dot to Dot

printable zebra dot to dot

Sad Zebra Connecting Dots

sad zebra connecting dots

Simple Zebra Template

simple zebra template

Sweet Little Zebra Coloring Page

sweet little zebra precious moment coloring page

Young Zebra Dot to Dot

young zebra dot to dot

Z for Zebra Coloring Page

z alphabet coloring page

Zebra Black and White Coloring Page

zebra black and white coloring page

Zebra Coloring Page

zebra coloring page

Zebra Coloring Page for Kids

zebra coloring page for kids

Zebra Craft

zebra craft

Zebra Looking for Grass Template

zebra looking for grass template

Zebra Printable for Kids Coloring Page

zebra printable kids coloring page

Running Zebra Coloring Page

zebra running like a bolt coloring page

Zebra Template

zebra template

Zebra Template for Kids

zebra template for kids

Zebra Template Outline

zebra template outline

Zebra Template Printable

zebra template printable

Zeebra Template to Print

zeebra template to print

Zebra With Flower Coloring Page

zebra with flower coloring page

Zeebra Mask Coloring Page

zeebra mask coloring page

Zebra Outline Template

zebra outline template

Baby Zebra Coloring Page

baby zebra coloring page

Two Zebras Coloring Page

two zebras coloring page

> Conclusion

Zebra templates come with zebra sketch or hand drawn figures of different types, forms and styles. They are easily printable and hence come as handy templates to make covers for books that are meant for small kids of junior schools. They can also be used as logos for certain projects. If you have any DMCA issues on this post, please contact us!