14+ Mouse Templates, Crafts & Colouring Pages – PDF, JPG

Mice fascinate children around the world. This crazy trend and fanaticism for mice has been started by Disney’s adorable animated character Mickey Mouse. Toddlers and young children all love mice. From stuffed mice toys to mice coloring pages kids love and are absolutely intrigued by mice. For this purpose we have a variety of interesting mice templates.You may also check Cat Shape Templates.

mouse colorr page template

Cute Mouse Template

cute mouse template

This cute as a button mouse will immediately bring a smile to the face- it’s simply adorable and would be so much fun for your little one to color it up.

Cute Deer Mouse Color Page Template

cute deer mouse color page template
If you are looking for a realistic picture of a deer mouse for the scrapbook project of your child, this template would be really handy. Just download, color it up & paste on the scrapbook.

Cheeky Mouse Template

cheeky mouse template

This cheeky little mouse is just so adorable that you would feel like taking out of the frame and cuddle it. It would be great for the coloring project of your little one.

The template shows a funny picture of a mouse running hurriedly with a huge chunk of cheese on his head. It’s cute, amusing and would be fun to color up.

Nice Mouse Coloring Page Template

nice mouse coloring page template
This is a nice colouring template of a leprechaun mouse wearing a big nice hat. This template is great for colouring. Download this template or print it and keep you child busy for hours on end.

Cute Mouse Printable Page Template

cute mouse printable page template
This template consists of an image of a cute small mouse with a bushy tail. This is a very cute picture and will be adored by your little one. This template can be downloaded and printed as well.

Mouse Mask Coloring Template

mouse mask coloring template

This template consists of a mask of a mouse. This mask can be used as a colouring template. You can download this template, print it, colour it and use it as a fun mask for your little one’s birthday party.

Mouse Print Page Template

mouse print page template
This is a very cute template of a cute mouse. This template is downloadable. You can download the template, print it and give it to your little one to colour and keep him busy for hours on end.

Mouse Coloring Page Template

mouse coloring page template

This template consists of three mouse outlines. This template is blank so you can design the mouse any way you want to and colour it according to your fancy. You can also download this template for your use.

Pretty Mouse Template

pretty mouse template
This template consists of a picture of a very cute and tiny little mouse. You can colour this mouse, download it and print it on a hard printing paper and use it for your scrapbook project.

Simple Mouse Coloring Page Template

simple mouse coloring page template
This is a simple template which consists of an image of a mouse. You can use this template to teach your little one how to sketch a mouse and also use it for colouring purpose. You can download it for your use.

Mouse Design Template

mouse design template
This is a very cute template of a mouse eating something. Your child will love this cute adorable picture and will have quite a lot of fun colouring it. You can download and print this template.

This is a very sweet image of a mouse standing on its two hind legs and smiling. Your child will adore this picture. You can download it and print it to use this template for a scrapbook or for some other project.

Mouse Carft Coloring Page Template

mouse carft coloring page template
Kids are obsessed with mouse pictures after Disney launched the famous Mickey Mouse cartoon. This is an adorable template of a mouse that can be used for any art and crafts project of your child.

Cute House Mouse Template

cute house mouse template
This is a delightful and lovable template of a cute smiling mouse. Want to keep your child busy so you can work? Download and print this template and give it to your little one for colouring.

These Animal Templates are absolutely free of cost and easy to download. Easily editable, these templates are available in several fun and happy themes. Some of these themes include a mouse running away with a nice big chunk of cheese, a bunch of mice together, individual mice and several other relevant mice related themes.