16+ Kangaroo Templates, Crafts & Colouring Pages


Kangaroos are cute and adorable animals and these creatures fascinate most children. Little girls particularly love female kangaroos and their stuffed pouches with their small and cute baby joeys. Incorporating these fun and exciting animals into your child’s arts and crafts projects and school projects would be fun and appealing to them. For this purpose we have for you a wide and interesting range of kangaroo templates.You may also see Best Fox Shape Templates.

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Kangaroo Printing Template

kangaroo template

You are getting not one but 3 kangaroos here. The template brings you a basic silhouette of the animal which can be detailed with further lines or you can simply color it up as it is. activityvillage.co.uk

Kangaroo Mask Template

kangaroo mask template

This is a very cute kangaroo mask which your little one would love to color up. The mask can be used for school dramas on animals of your kid has got the role of this Aussie treasure.

Kangaroo With Baby Template

kangaroo with baby template

This is a wonderful picture of a loving mother kangaroo carrying her little one in her pouch. The scenery at the background completes the overall scenario and it would be lovely to color it up.

Kangaroo With Joey Template

kangaroo with joey template

This is a very cute portrait of kangaroo with Joey. The little baby seems to be overjoyed with his mother. Your little one would love to color up the picture.

Kangaroo Printable Template

kangaroo printable template

You are getting a fun and amusing portrait of a kangaroo here. It can be used as cartoon projects or for scrapbook projects- otherwise pass it on to your kid to color it up. activityvillage.co.uk

Cute Kangaroo Template

cute kangaroo template

Dark Kangaroo Template

dark kangaroo template

Simple Kangaroo Template

simple kangaroo template


Leaping Kangaroo Template

leaping kangaroo template

Funny Kangaroo Template

funny kangaroo template

Beautiful Kangaroo Template

beautiful kangaroo template

Kangaroo Colorpage Template

kangaroo colorpage template


Baby Kangaroo with Mother coloring page Template

baby kangaroo with mother coloring page template

Coloring Kangaroo Template

coloring kangaroo template

Kangaroo Pattern Template

kangaroo pattern template

Kangaroo Design Template

kangaroo design template

Kangaroo Print Page Template

kangaroo print page template

Our kangaroo templates are available in single and individual kangaroo themes, mother kangaroo carrying the baby kangaroo in its pouch, happy and hopping kangaroo themes and numerous other Animal templates themes that are extremely appealing to young children.

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