19+ Turtle Templates, Crafts & Colouring Pages

Turtles are extremely fun and cute aquatic animals. Most toddlers have grown up to turtle cartoons, toys and other turtle themed gadgets. Now imagine incorporating these same creatures in your child’s school projects as well as their arts and crafts projects. Wouldn’t it be a great amount of fun? For precisely this purpose we have created an extensive range of interesting turtle templates.You may also see Frog Shape Templates.

turtle color paging template

Turtle Design Coloring Template

turtle design coloring template
You are getting three turtles of different sizes here. You can simply take a print out of the template and just pass it to your child for his coloring project.

Sleepy Turtle Template

sleepy turtle template
This sleepy turtle looks fun and you would just love the droopy big eyes of the animal. It’s waiting to be colored up and then you can paste it on your child’s bedroom wall as a poster.

Turtle Smiley Coloring Template

turtle smiley coloring template
The smiling turtle looks fun and it seems as if he is planning for some mischief. Your little one would simply love to color it up and it would be an amusing project for him.

Happy Sea Turtle Template

happy sea turtle template
The broad content smile on his face would instantly bring a smile to your face. You will love the happy feel all around the template and it would be great to color it up.

Nice Turtle Printable Template

nice turtle printable template
The big impish eyes and the wide grin are surely the best highlights of the picture. It seems that the turtle is just about to reveal his mischief plans to you.

Thick Lined Turtle Template

thick lined turtle template

Twin Turtle Coloring Template

twin turtle coloring template

Thick Bodered Turtle Template

thick bordered turtle template

Turtle Sleepy Coloring Template

turtle sleepy coloring template

Turtle Swimming Printable Template

turtle swiming printable template

Giant Turtle Coloring Template

giant turtle coloring template

Turtle Printable Template

turtle printable template

Hungry Turtle Coloring Template

hungry turtle coloring template