35 Professional ID Card Designs

“Who am I?” is a question that will get different answers depending on the kind of person you ask. Philosophers may give you the phenomenological or existentialist view, brain surgeons will give you the scientific view, priests and pastors will give you the theological view, toddlers will even give you the nonsensical view, and governments will give you the nationalist view. But however rhetorical the answers are, an easier way of knowing who a person is by using identification cards.

In this article, we provide ten different ID card templates for anyone to use for various design projects. Also included is a brief rundown of how you can create your own ID card design. Read on and enrich your mind!

What Are ID Cards?

The ID in ID card stands for Identity Document. Yet today, most people mistakenly learn that ID is a shortening of the word identification. These two meanings are equally used in the verbal and written form today.

An ID Card is a document, usually in bank card size, attesting a person’s name, nationality, birth date, age, address, and gender, and will often also include a card number. Nowadays, ID cards may contain security features that will help distinguish if the card bearer is the one pictured on the card using photographs, thumb prints, and other biometric data.

Restaurant Identity Card Template


Free Employee ID Card Template


Free Soccer Identity Card Template


Photo ID Card Template


Sports Identity Card Template


Worker ID Card Template


Vertical ID Card Template


Sample Company ID Card Template


Office ID Card Template


Student ID Card Template


Blank ID Card Template


Professional ID Card Template


Free Blank ID Card Template


Simple ID Card Template


Security Guard ID Card Template


Corporate ID Card Template


Modern ID Card Template


Staff ID Card Template


Basic ID Card Template


Multipurpose ID Card Design


Abstract ID Card Template


This Abstract ID Card Template follows a unique color scheme, but it can be modified to match your company’s official colors. The corporate business logo design included in this template may also be changed so that you can use your company’s own logo. This file also includes different templates for staff and office guests.

Business ID Card Design

Business ID Card Design

Restaurant ID Card Design


Restaurateurs may rely on this restaurant ID card design for their employees. This ID card may be customized for various restaurant types by changing the logo design and the background colors.

Professional ID Card Design


The Professional ID Card Design template may work well for those who want an ID card design with a black background. This is a notable ID card design for any workplace since it gives off a sophisticated feel.

Corporate Office ID Card Design

Corporate Office ID Card

Minimal ID Card Design


Office ID Card Design


Businesses who want a strong corporate culture may begin to establish their brand while still giving importance to their employees by using this Office ID Card Design. This ID card is intricately designed to help make employees and outsiders feel like the company has its own distinct personality that they could follow.

National ID Cards: Yay or Nay?

It was only in the 20th century that the ID cards were routinely used in doing business and governmental transactions. This was more likely brought on by the availability and inclusion of photographs into ID cards. Throughout the years, ID card systems have improved and are now widely adopted all over the world.

The adoption of ID cards as a form of national identity of citizens, however, has resulted in differing views. The most cited reason in favor of using identification cards is for law enforcement. Police and security officials use ID cards in looking for and recognizing high-risk individuals. Proving a person’s identity using ID cards will also help prevent identity theft. On a more hi-tech level, innovative ID cards developed using a person’s DNA samples will be more reliable and harder to fake due to the uniqueness of the genome.

Detractors of nationalized ID cards argue that when governments issue these cards, there will be a greater chance of its citizens’ personal information to be stolen, leaked, or accessed when they are stored in a centralized database. This also poses a risk to a person’s privacy rights. On top of that, national ID cards will take a significant portion of any country’s budget just to be able to equip its citizens with these ID cards. Issues regarding racial profiling may also emerge if a person’s race, and even religious belief, is required when filling out an ID card application form.

Whatever your government policy is, nations still find a way of instituting identity documents systems for its citizens. Often, these national cards will only work for a specific branch or function of the government. To illustrate, governments release passports to its citizens who wish to travel to other countries. The pieces of information obtained from a passport sample application form are still significant enough to for it to be considered as a form of a national citizen database.

Student ID Card Design


Employee ID Card Design


Creative ID Card Design


The Minimal Creative ID Card Design boasts a minimalist yet creative take on ID Card design. This type of ID card design may work well for both employment ID cards or as a school ID card. This card design is unassuming and only gives away necessary personal information about the ID bearer.

Corporate ID Card Design


The Corporate ID card design embedded above is a good example of a simple yet effective card design for a company. The ID’s focal point is the employee’s picture while the company logo, employee name, and employee number do not interfere with the design aesthetics.

Vertical ID Card Design


Most ID card designs are available in a vertical or portrait format. If you wish to incorporate pictures or design styles in a horizontal or landscape format, the ID card design template pictured above may be the right one for you. Landscape ID card designs allows you to add background images or art that would typically not fit in a standard sized portrait ID card.

Colorful ID Card Design


Companies often follow a minimalist approach when it comes to creating their own identification cards. If you want a more colorful approach to ID card design, then the Colorful ID Card Design Template may be the design template for you.

Flat Design ID Card Template


The Flat Design ID Card Template pictured above may act as a good ID card design base. With this type of design template, you are free to create any type of ID card that you could think of. This card will also work well as a fabulous day care ID card template.

How to Create ID Cards

Aside from government-issued ID cards, employment and student ID cards cover the bulk of the ID cards used today. Designing these cards is often a task relegated to a company’s graphics team or a third party company. But do not let this detract you from creating your own ID Card design template especially if you are just starting out. We have enumerated a few steps for ID card designing that you can do on your own below. Check them out:

  • Determine what type of ID card you need to create. The two most common forms of ID card design are employment and student ID cards. When creating an education ID card design, you should choose which one of the two you are creating. There are different card design templates that you can follow for each type of ID card.
  • Download an ID card template online. Just like credit card designs, there are design templates available for identification cards. By using a ready-made template, you will get the initial card designing aspect out of the way. You may just begin to focus on adding the personal information you need and then making a few modifications. If you are pressed for time, downloading a template online may be the next best step for you.
  • Incorporate as minimal personal information on the card design as possible. For those who want to create their own identification cards, you should follow the rule of minimalism in terms of the information you place on the card. Most ID cards will only bear the person’s name, the company, the company logo (you may use business logo designs for this part), and the contact information in cases of emergency. Student ID card templates may require information like student number and the college he or she belongs to.
  • Use black ID card templates as base for your card designs. Just like designing corporate business cards, you may also use blank ID card templates when creating an ID card. This way, you will be able to explore all design options that you may want to add to your creation. Also note that with this level of creative freedom, you will be doing most of the design work and it may require a lot of your time.
  • Invest in high quality ID printers or go to a professional ID card print shop. Once you have finished designing your ID cards and then inputting all the necessary card-bearer information, you may now begin printing the cards. If you think your business or organization is going to be routinely printing out ID cards, you may ask the management to invest in a good ID printer. This way, you will be able to print out the ID cards quickly. On the other hand, you may also establish a working relationship with a local print shop where you can print out your company ID cards at a discounted rate.
  • Remember to match the card design with how the card will be used. As mentioned earlier, ID cards can be classified into employment or student ID cards. So when designing an ID card, always make sure to specifically design a card based on this differentiation. For instance, a child clinic ID card template design will look vastly different from a catering service ID card template design.

Keep all these steps in mind and you will be on your way into creating a good ID card design!

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