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Table of Contents

  1. Logo Definition and Meaning
  2. What Is a Logo?
  3. 10 Types of Logo
  4. Logo Uses, Purpose, Importance
  5. What’s in a Logo? Parts?
  6. How to Design a Logo
  7. Logo vs. Label
  8. What Is the Difference Between a Logo, Symbol, Logotype, and Logomark?
  9. Logo Sizes
  10. Logo Ideas and Examples
  11. FAQs
  12. More in Logos


Logos have been a significant part of advertising and marketing businesses, entities, products, and other corporations as they help consumers to identify their brands. With more than millions of brands and services worldwide, logos have proven to be effective in separating competition and nurturing loyalty among customers.

Logo Definition and Meaning

A logo is a shape, letter, or any form of graphic image that represents the identity of a corporation or individual’s business.

This means that logos are used by several industries to showcase their branding concepts to their respective audience.

A logo is a graphic representation in the form of shapes, texts, and images that acts as part of the branding for individuals with businesses, corporations, government offices, public services, and more. You can certainly think of them from famous social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube down to prominent businesses including Amazon, Walmart, and Apple. Thus, logos set identification to your brand info, channel, or organization.

Company Logo

Company logos are designed using a creative combination of logotypes or logomarks that showcase an enterprise or corporation’s ideas and concepts. These logos are also heavily involved in the branding of the company. Expect it to communicate what the company’s values and offerings are.


School Logo

School logos usually follow the style of emblems that are designed traditionally that may represent the beginnings of a school or its vision, mission, and the values they embody. There are going to be similarities to company logos. One similarity is its usage in the branding of the school.


Agency Logo

An agency logo is made using a plethora of design elements. This includes abstract shapes, formal typographic fonts, and two-toned background colors. All those will highlight the agency’s best qualities, styles, and ideas.


Photography Logos

A photography logo is created following the different kinds of logo designs with solid or transparent backgrounds and images to properly portray the personality and skills of the people behind the photography business. Creative examples include using custom pictures of a university, animal, clothing, or any subject matter for the logo.


Professional Logo

A professional logo is what business entities utilize to represent their brand. It typically offers the usual branding elements like the company wallpaper, business team representation, and management branding. Among those included would be the brand colors, the usual text, and specific imagery.


Business Logo

A business logo is similar to a company logo; however, it will depend on what enterprise or entity uses it and what services are offered. Like a company logo, expect it to be featured heavily in the branding. And anything related to business can leverage this type of logo such as business consultant logos and business networking logos.

business consultant logo

Fashion Logo

Fashion logos are distinctive with their unique monograms, beautiful script fonts, relevant photo or video images, and color variations that represent the luxurious world of fashion and beauty. Dressmaking logos, boutique logos, and tailor company logos are a few examples that represent fashion logos.


Law Firm Logo

The law firm logos are categorized into two different designs: the old, traditional symbols and the modern monogram icons. Whether you create a law firm logo in HD PNG format, vector graphics, 3D art, or HTML format, law firm logos build a reputation to look credible or professional as much as possible.

law firm logo

Text Logo

A text logo relies more on text than imagery. That is not to say that images are completely out of the question in this type of logo. Instead, you can expect to see the text as the majority design element whether it writes your gaming company name, hospital name, education organization name, sports team name, music band name, etc.


Minimalist Logo

A minimalist logo is a type of logo that does not rely on overwhelming design. By the name itself, the artistic elements are quite minimal like only using black and white tones or a business name on a blank. Those who prefer a “less is more” approach can always rely on these designs.


Logo Uses, Purpose, Importance


Logos represent the integrity and excellence of a company, thus piquing the interest of customers and improving the chances of getting recognition. A logo can be a crucial element as your organization’s brand builder in reaching your target market.

Promote Brand Identity

Without a logo to help promote your brand identity, consumers would think twice about engaging with you or your services and products. A logo alone can say about your company’s credibility so be sure to support your logo’s reputation by also doing excellently as a business.

Embody Your Company’s Values

A timeless, relevant, and memorable logo will embody your company’s strong values and convey what you represent to your customers. And if your business actually lives up to the proposed values, it can put your company on a high pedestal that other companies dream of having.

What’s in a Logo? Parts?

Brand Name

The brand name should at least be readable and can be in the form of a word or logo mark. But for some businesses like Facebook that only shows the letter “F” or Twitter that shows an image of a blue bird, brand names aren’t always required.


It could be an iconic tagline or puns made out of the brand name. Remember that a slogan also helps people remember your brand, especially if it is witty, funny, or catchy enough to recognize.


The image in a logo comes in different designs and can either be geometric shapes or character portraits. You could have a lion inside a box, a red college building, a signature restaurant food inside a circle, or just about anything that represents your enterprise.


Colors may evoke emotions in the audience. So be sure to decide carefully on what your company’s signature colors are because those would likely be used in the tones of your logo.


The fonts should be legible to read, appropriate, and relevant to the company. The font size, font style, and placement matter here so you better remove hard-to-read fonts or extremely small fonts in a logo.

logo anatomy 01 788x950

1. Choose a Logo Size

2. Decide the purpose of the logo

3. Select the Logo Template

4. Adjust the border size

5. Add text and other elements

6. Refine your design and save it to your drive

Check out the articles below to find out how you can design logos in different file formats:

how to design a logo 1 01 788x

Logo vs. Label

A logo is a visual representation in the form of texts or images that aids in brand recognition.

A label can be a piece of plastic, cloth, or anything similar that if found attached to another item and contains information on that item.

What Is the Difference Between a Logo, Symbol, Logotype, and Logomark?

A logo is a graphic illustration or text used to symbolize a business’ brand.

A symbol is represented by a letter or mark that depicts an object, place, or another significant element.

A logotype is a kind of logo design that uses text to promote brand recognition.

A logomark is a trademark logo design that heavily uses graphic images to represent a business or entity.

Logo Sizes

Various logo sizes are used around the world, and you must know what type of logo you need to make before even deciding on the size. Whether you create a new logo online, for a T-shirt, quiz notebook, mug, or anything, decide meticulously on what size fits best for the logo.

logo sizes 1 01 788x

Logo Ideas and Examples

Check out some of our logo ideas and examples and use them to help you generate unique and powerful logos that will help increase the relevance of your branding.


What Is a Logo?

A logo is a visual mark similar to a symbol or emblem that recognizes a specific company or organization.

Why Is a Logo Important?

Logos are important for gathering attention, creating an impression, building a brand identity or foundation, making you different from competitors, and fostering customer engagement or loyalty.

What Are the Rules of a Logo?

The golden rule when creating a logo is that it should be timeless, memorable, and relevant.

What Does It Require to Order a Logo Design?

The only requirement for ordering a logo design is to have a draft design ready.

What About the Copyright of My Logo Design?

If you are the client for a commissioned logo, you are entitled to file for copyright, especially if you have paid for it and the designer gave you the right to own the creation.

Why Choose a Logo?

You choose a good logo to make people trust your organization, validate your professionalism, and encourage audiences to stick around.

What Is a Business Logo?

A business logo is an official symbol, mark, or design that represents a business, including the enterprise’s products, services, employees, and more.

Is a Graphic Symbol Required in the Logo?

Graphic symbols are an acceptable element of a logo but it doesn’t mean they are prerequisites to come up with a logo.

Can Logos Be Plagiarized?

Yes, logos can also be plagiarized, especially wordmark logos which are heavily text-designed.

How Much Will It Cost Me for a Logo Design?

Logo designs usually range from $10.00 to more than a thousand dollars, but some graphic designers will create one for a company for free, especially if the client is someone close.

Is It Illegal to Revise a Commissioned Logo Created by Another Graphic Designer?

If the logo was already bought by the client from the original designer, the current owner possesses the right to alter its design and can legally have it recommissioned to another designer.

How Many Times Should I Change My Company Logo?

It is recommended to change a logo at least three to four times only, but you can always change the design of your logo for upgrading to keep up with the times and trends.

Should I Need the Services of a Professional Graphic Designer to Make My Logo?

If you want your logo to be more effective and unique for your customers, you should engage the services of a professional graphic designer that could help you turn your ideal logo into a reality.

What Logo Works for a Finance and Lending Company?

For a finance and lending company, a combination logo with a minimalist design concept would do wonders, or monogram logos for a more creative approach.

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