9+ Cool Drawing Designs


The word cool nowadays can have varied meanings as it has kept on changing connotations over the years. Because it has a subjective nature, it can have different concepts. It can be associated with the composure and style of a person or as an expression of admiration and approval of something. In the dictionary, it is defined as “the aesthetic of attitude and behavior as well as the appearance and style that is considered admirable in general.” But what is considered admirable in terms of art and design?

Personally, it should be something that invokes strong emotions and leaves people speechless. Just like the pencil drawings and other drawing designs found on this page, the details should display the intricacies and impressive skills of the artist. But if you are not so much of a creative person, you can use the designs presented here as a template or guide for any project you are working on.

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Cool Black and White Drawing Design

cool black and white drawing design Source

Cool Flower Drawing Design

cool flower drawing design Source

Cool Tribal Drawing Design

cool tribal drawing design Source

Cool Abstract Drawing Design

cool abstract drawing design Source

Cool Skull Drawing Design

cool skull drawing design Source

The Use of Cool Art and Drawings

  • Sought by product marketing firms. Being cool has become one of the things that most people in this generation wants to be, so businesses and companies has been riding on this bandwagon offering products and services that can make someone cool.
  • Idealized by teenagers. Cool has long deviated its association with rebels and underdogs as cool artists in this time is seen as role models by teenagers. Being free and unconstrained by the norms and beliefs of the other people is a sure way to attract the youngsters.
  • Shield against racial oppression. Many successful artists nowadays come from different indigenous races, and through their art, they are able to uplift their well-being and status in the society, gaining respect from peers and competitors alike.
  • Shield against political persecution. Freedom of expression is one right that all people have, and through art, people are able to express their dissent and dissatisfaction of the authorities without the fear of being persecuted.
  • Source of constant cultural innovation. Art has always been one of the aspects of the culture development of any community. Through innovations like the awesome drawing designs here, a country discovers another way to identify its community.

Cool Graffiti Drawing Design

cool graffiti drawing design Source

Cool Watercolor Drawing Design

cool watercolor drawing design Source

Cool Pencil Drawing Design

cool pencil drawing design Source

Cool Heart Drawing Design

cool heart drawing design Source

Drawing is one of those activities that requires constant practice in order to master your skills and find your own personal style. When drawing subjects that strongly interests you, one develops a technique in a more natural and organic way that lets you enjoy the journey. There are a lot of interesting and cool things to draw aside from drawing lines and you can find some of them in this page.

Drawing can be a bit challenging for the not so artistic person however he or she desperately wants to create something cool. The drawing designs on this page allow you to kick-start your creative project, whether as a guide for beginners or an inspiration for seasoned artists. You can start using the abstract drawings on this page as it is easier to follow.

The drawing designs found here can be downloaded for free and comes in high-resolution EPS, vector AI, and PSD formats that you can choose from, depending on what you need and how you are going to use them. If you cannot find what you are looking for on this page, you can check out other designs from this website.


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