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Film is a series of still images that, when shown on a screen, create the illusion of moving images. This optical illusion causes the audience to perceive continuous motion between separate objects viewed in rapid succession. Film, which started out as a small novelty and fad that nobody believed in, is now the leading entertainment industry. You may also see flyer designs

In an average year, there are more than ten thousand films produced each year. Some of the bigger film industries include Bollywood from India, which ranked first in terms of annual film output in 2013, and Hollywood, which is not only the oldest in the world, it is also its biggest. You may also see Movie Flyer Designs & Templates.

Movie Flyer Template

movie flyer template
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Festival Flyer Template design

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Filmmaking used to be so expensive that only big studios are able to produce films for the public’s consumption. The advancement of technology changed all that. With the arrival of inexpensive portable cameras, people began experimenting with making homemade movies.

As technology progressed further, these filmmakers began producing films independent from the big production studios. Thus, the indie film movement was born. Movies like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Night of the Living Dead, Clerks, and Monthy Python’s the Meaning of Life were some of the results of this movement.

 Fall Festival Flyer Template

free fall festival flyer template
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 Music Festival Flyer Template

music festival flyer template
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Some of the bigger directors working today like Christopher Nolan, Quentin Tarantino, Wes Anderson, P. T. Anderson and Ryan Coogler started out their careers as independent film directors. Special mention should be given to Kevin Smith who shot his first feature film by taking money out of his own pocket (selling his extensive comic book collection, maxing out eight to ten credit cards, and taking a bit from his college fund) just to produce Clerks. You may also check out here Festival Flyers.

Sample Movie Festival Flyer

movie festival flyer1

More often than not, these independent films often find their footing through film festivals. Film festivals are organized and extended presentation of films in one or more cinemas or screening venues usually in the city or region that the festival is happening. Films screened in a film festival may be of recent date and can include an international and domestic release. These festivals can have a theme. They can also be a tribute to a film-maker. It can have a focus on a certain genre or subject matters like film noir and horror. A number of film festivals specialize in short films of a defined maximum length. Film festivals can also be competitive or just for screening. You may also check out here Jazz Flyer Designs & Templates.

Old Retro Movie Festival Flyer Template

old retro movie festival flyer

Vintage Film Festival Flyer Template

film festival flyer template1

Film festivals are usually annual events. Some of the bigger film festivals include the Toronto International Film Festival and South by Southwest, and Sundance Film Festival in the United States, Cinemalaya Film Festival, International Film Festival of India, and Tokyo International Film Festival in Asia, and Edinburgh International Film Festival, San Sebastian International Film Festival, and BFI London Film Festival in Europe. The Cannes Film Festival (Festival De Cannes), Berlin International Film Festival (Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin or Berlinale for short), and Venice Film Festival (Mostra Internazionale d’Arte Cinematografica della Biennale) are considered as the big three film festivals. Among those three, the festival held in Venice is the oldest of all film festivals. You may also see Event Flyer Examples.

Star Awards Film Festival Flyer Design Template

star awards film festival flyer1

Movie Night Flyer Design Template

movie night flyer1

Classic Film Festival Poster Flyer Template

vintage film festival poster flyer

Film Festival Flyers

As with all festivals, the success of a film festival will depend on the number of its audience. Afterall, the core purpose of filmmaking is to share the vision and stories that filmmakers want to impart to its audience in movie forms. Films are made to be watched. This is why most films success is measured through their box office numbers. To gather an audience, a film festival must advertise what it has. Be it that they are having a Japanese Cinema retrospective or a tribute to Alfred Hitchcock, nobody will be going to your film festival if nobody has the knowledge of it happening. Handing out flyers is one of the timeless ways to do so. Flyers and pamphlets is a form of paper advertisement intended for wide distribution and typically posted or distributed in a public space, handed out to individuals in high traffic areas or sent out through snail mail. In the case of film festival flyers, the best distribution method would be to hand it out or to insert them through newspapers. You may also see Music Flyer Templates

Standard Film Festival Flyer Template

standard film festival flyer

Short Film Festival Flyer Template

flyers for film festival black1

Dramatic Film Festival Flyer Template

festival film flyer template1

Indie Movie Festival Flyer Design Template

indie movie festival flyer1

International Film Festival Flyer Template

international film festival flyer1

Key Elements in an Effective Flyer Design

The effectiveness of your film festival flyer will greatly depend on how well you design it. Now, designing a flyer for advertisement is not rocket science, however it still important to bear in mind any design elements and tips in order to carry out an effective design. Furthermore, a flyer has a limited size for its content and design, and as such, it is important to make use of this space in the best manner possible. You may also see Concert Flyer Templates & Designs

  • Headline – The headline will be the most important part of your flyer. In fact, all other written matters need a good headline to become very effective. Creating eye-catching and attention-grabbing headlines should be the first step in creating your flyers. However, headline generation and creation are not just about the words though. You should also think about how the message of your headline is being written. Effective flyers would want to have headlines that pop. Such a headline invites the reader’s eye to read on and get to the meat of the material rather than feeding it to the wastebasket.
  • Your Visuals – Having the correct and striking visuals is like having the greatest support in any cooperative video games. In conjunction with your striking headlines having a killer visual identity and graphic design in your flyer can help it reach the hands of the potential audience and keep it in there. Furthermore, your flyer’s graphic design is more than decoration and fluff. They can serve multiple purposes in the effectiveness of your flyers. The graphic design can tie in your flyer with your business branding along as a tie in with your services and product offerings. It can evoke an emotional response to the flyer’s readers. Lastly, it can create and define the desired mood in your readers. You may also see Free PSD Flyer Templates.
  • AIDA – AIDA which stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action, should be the main guide in planning your flyers. As such, your flyer should grab the attention of your audience. You can do this through your design and text which should be compelling enough to make the reader look twice. It should pique the interest of those very same readers. Your text and images should be sufficient enough to do this and be a good support to the headline. Next, it should create a desire within your readers to go to your event which is being highlighted in your flyer. Lastly, it must have a call to action as a way to seal the deal. In your film festival flyer, this could be a number to call or a website to visit in order to buy or reserve tickets for your event. You may also check out here Rave Flyer Templates.
  • An Overall Goal – Lastly, your film festival flyer should have a unified overall goal. It is easy to just decide that your main goal is to give information about your event but saying so just seems so shallow, isn’t it? For film festival flyers, what you want is to put butts into the seats of your screening schedules. Your film festival flyers should do so. You can do this in a lot of effective ways. One of which is to include a list of the movies which you will be exhibiting at the festival. Not only will this be an interesting way to drum up interest on your festival, it could also inform your audience about what films they would want to watch. However, this angle can have negative effects though as your audiences may not be interested in what you are exhibiting come the festival day. You may also see Free Music Festival Flyer Template.

Cinema Night Show Flyer Template

cinema night show flyer1

Music and Film Festival Flyer Design Template

music and film festival flyer1

Film Festival Ticket Flyer Template

film festival flyers

Creative Short Film Festival Flyer Template

film festival flyer template 301

Movie Festival Night Flyer Template

movie festival night flyer1


Not only are film festivals meeting places for filmmakers to talk with one another about their projects and overall filmmaking and greet each other with a “Hello to Jason Isaacs”, they are also great platforms for independent filmmakers to showcase the films that they have worked hard for. Films, especially films made as a result of the labor of love and passion of its makers, are not only entertainment, rather they can also be a conversation between the makers and the audience. You may also see Party Flyer Examples

This message will be lost if there are no viewers. A film needs to be viewed. Film festivals can be a great way to get these viewers. As such, a film festival must try to do everything in its power to gather this said audience. And because of that, it must promote. Now, with the existence of the internet and social media, the channels of promotion have increased. However, there is no question that the old ways of promotion still have teeth. Paper advertisements like handing out pamphlets and flyers are still as effective as ever. When well designed, these flyers can fill the seats of your screenings, especially those people whose internet interest does not include such things. You may also see Flyer Layout Templates

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