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Watching movies is everyone’s favorite pastime, whether it is at home or at a regular cinema. Not only will you be entertained, but you will gain connections as well. It is an activity that effectively strengthens the bonds between families and friends. It even creates a connection between strangers by making the plot of the movie as the topic for starting a conversation. Movie nights are also organized for people who are film enthusiasts and those who just want to have fun and relax. So, to promote a movie or an event such as a movie night, a flyer is definitely needed.

Seeing a flyer for an upcoming movie excites every nerve in your brain. Their designs are creatively made in order to capture the attention of passersby. With their colorful images and stunning designs, movie flyers are effective promotional tools for upcoming movies or events such as movie nights. But designing one can be such a tedious task. To help you with it, we have curated a list of templates with stunning designs that you can use, so check them out below!


Printable Movie Night Flyer Template


There is no other template that looks fancier than this one. The design is very detailed that you would mistake it for a 3D image at a glance. It is sophisticated in a way that all the details needed to showcase what a theatre looks like is included in the design. Aside from its sophistication, the fancy look of the theatre will make one assume that the movie theatre promoting the movie night will also be as fancy. If you want your flyer to look as sophisticated as this, then you better download this one now before anyone snatches this design first.

This template is measured in legal size, which is 8.5 inches by 11 inches. It is oriented in portrait style and the files included in this package are compatible with Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, and Microsoft Publisher.

Best Movie Night Flyer Template


Since this a movie night that will show the best of the best films, it is expected that your flyers will be the best as well. So, to complement the event, you need a high-quality template such as this one. At first look, people will instantly get the impression that your movie night will only uphold the greatest standards and the proper etiquette of watching movies in cinemas. The white background is the perfect color to project a classy vibe that people will surely like. From the text to the images, everything is meticulously chosen to create a design as remarkable as this. So, do not wait any longer and buy this template now!

The size of this template is measured at the standard 8.5 inches by 11 inches and is styled in portrait orientation. You do not have to worry about the compatibility for this template’s files as they can be opened with Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, and Microsoft Publisher.

Thrilling Horror Movie Night Flyer Template


Horror movie nights are usually held during Halloween, but there really is no hard and fast rule for that, though. You can use this template if you and your family or friends decide to have one at any day that you like. This flyer’s design is perfect for your horror movie night as the elements used in this are appropriate for horror films. such as the black background and the neon blue that goes with it. You can also edit these elements as the template is fully customizable. You can change the image with a scene from your movie and change the text with the details about the screening of the movies you are going to show on movie night. Download this template now and get the hype going for your horror movie night!

This template is measured in legal size, which is 8.5 inches by 11 inches. It is oriented in portrait style and the files included in this package are compatible with Microsoft Word format, Adobe Photoshop, and Microsoft Publisher.

Indie Movie Festival Flyer Template


Indie movies are the most well-crafted movies out there. The plot, cinematography, and acting are the elements that make indie movies highly-praised by viewers and critics. But no matter how much they are praised, sadly, they are still understated, underhyped, and underappreciated by the masses. For what it’s worth, they are the future of the film industry and the standard quality of films. And since you have decided to put a movie festival showcasing indie movies, it must mean that you are an indie movie enthusiast or perhaps an advocate. Use this template to effectively promote the festival and to compel people to come and watch the best movies that they will ever see! You may also see business flyer designs

The flyer is measured at the standard 8.5 inches by 11 inches and is styled in portrait orientation. The files included in this package can be opened with Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, and Microsoft Publisher.

Simple Movie Night Flyer Template


Watching movies is one of the best activities that you can do in your leisure time. They tighten the bonds with your family and friends or with any movie enthusiast. As the organizer of this movie night, you definitely need this flyer to promote your business event. This flyer is as simple as it can get. The design utilizes the various elements that you normally see in cinemas and they are well put together. You have everything you need in this flyer, so click that ‘Buy Now’ button and download this one!

This template is measured at 8.5 inches by 11 inches and is in portrait orientation. You can open the files included in this package with Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, and Microsoft Publisher. And, if you want to change something in this template, you can do so as the design is customizable. You may also like green flyer templates

Mystery Movie Flyer Template


Mystery movies may be boring for some, but for others, they are great training materials to exercise their brain cells with the movie genre’s mind-boggling twists and turns. The suspenseful music, the riddles, and the clues that lead to the answers to a mountain of questions are some of the points that make people want more amazing movies of this genre. So, if you have a mystery movie that you want to promote, use this template to compel people into watching it. You may also see free flyer templates

Halloween Movie Night Flyer Template


Ah, the night has finally come for jump scares, horror stories, and scary costumes! And, to complement such activities, one should not miss watching horror movies on a best Halloween movie night. Use this template to promote your Halloween night! The combination of black and violet creates an eerie vibe emanating from the flyer. To make it more creepy, the image used for the background is that of a forest, which is a common setting for scary scenes in a horror movie. Download this template now so you can start spreading the word about it!

Space Interstellar Movie Flyer Template


This movie flyer is the namesake of the award-winning film Interstellar. And since it is a film about the mysteries of the vast universe, it is only appropriate to design this template as such. The astronaut suit with the galaxy as the background is a simple statement that tells people about the boundless possibilities that mankind can achieve, that there is more to the stars than we see twinkling brightly at night. The ethereal look that this template has will definitely entice people into watching your movie about space. So, click that ‘Buy Now’ button and start spreading the word about your film!

Romantic Movie Flyer Template


Ending this list is a flyer about a romantic movie. This template is perfect to use especially if you are promoting this movie during Valentine’s Day. The design of this flyer highlights the picture of a couple surrounded by a rustic or vintage-looking border which adds a timeless vibe to it. Download this template now and let everyone know that the romantic movie of the year is coming to cinemas soon!

Specter Movie Flyer Template


A specter is a common character in horror films. This visible yet incorporeal spirit is an entity that most people find scary but fascinating at the same time. You get to wonder how this being came into existence and what its purpose is. Does it have an unfinished fabulous business that it needs to fulfill? How does it survive? But, for whatever reasons why it exists, it definitely is an effective character to spook people with. In this template, the specter’s image aptly represents what most people imagine what it would look like and the simple white background is the perfect color to highlight its eerie presence. Get this template now and let people know that a specter is coming to the theaters soon!

Novel Story and Movie Poster Flyer Template


Novels are great sources for creating a blockbuster movie. Some great examples of successful movies based on novels are the ones based on Nicholas Sparks’ works. Almost all of his books have movie counterparts. So, if you have a movie that was based on a novel, use this template to effectively promote it. The template provides enough space to feature an image that greatly highlights the main character of the movie. If you want to edit some of this design’s elements, you can freely do so as this template is fully editable and customizable.

Bloody Mary Movie Flyer Template


Bloody Mary is a famous folklore that has haunted people of all ages! Just the thought of possibly seeing the ghost in your mirror is so terrifying that some do not even want to look at any mirror at all. Despite the fear that it instills in people’s minds, there are still who are brave (or foolhardy) enough to attempt calling the entity’s name while facing a mirror. Although there is no concrete evidence that it has appeared, the sheer thrill of it is what makes a movie about Blood Mary exciting to watch! So, if you are going to show a movie about it, use this template to promote and invite people to watch it! Surely, the theater will be filled with screams and maybe some tears! You may also see red flyer templates

Old Retro Movie Festival Flyer


Movie flyers are not just about upcoming movies, but they can also include promoting movie festivals. This template has the classic retro feel to it, making those who see this stunning flyer reminisce about the old times. This template has two color scheme variants and you can choose one that would be appropriate for the film festival. You can edit the images and texts as this template is customizable. Change what you want to change as long as you keep in mind the theme of the festival.

Premiere Movie Flyer Template


A premiere night is a special event that shows movies for the first time. Most of the guests in this event are VIPs such as the actors and directors of the movies, but it sometimes also allows normal viewers to attend. An event like this deserves a flyer that is as special, and this template is definitely the right one for it! The highly detailed images used in the design are indications that the organizer of this event only wants the best for the premiere night. Get this one now and show everyone that the premiere night is not one to be missed! You may also see business flyer templates

Modern Movie Flyer Template


What makes this template modern is the way the elements of design were made. The look and the feel once you take a glance at it will definitely make you say that this is a flyer that appropriately represents what modern design is. This template has all the images that it needs for a movie flyer, such as the popcorn, movie ticket, film reel, and the movie theater signboard. The dark background is the perfect color to highlight the images and the text of the flyer. Click that ‘Buy Now’ button so you can start promoting your movie night!

Family Movie Night Flyer Template


Snacks? Check! Drinks? Check! Lights? Off! Now, everyone is prepared for the special viewing! Watching movies is one of the activities that a family usually does in order to bond with each other. Most of the time, they do it after dinner on weekends when they can just relax after the long week full of stress from work and school. So, if you are organizing a movie night with family-friendly films, use this template to promote it! Download it now! You may also like luxury flyer templates

There you have it! It was a long list of movie flyer templates, but we are sure that you have chosen a few of them. We know that it was hard for you to choose only a few. Well, who can blame you? The designs that we have handpicked are stunningly beautiful and highly captivating. There is only so much that your brain can handle, so we understand if you need more time to narrow down your choices. You can always come back to this site in case you change your mind about the designs that you have picked. You may also like marketing flyer templates

But, before you choose a final design, always make sure that the template that you pick will be the appropriate representation of your movie or movie night. Sure, picking one based on its appeal is just one of the factors, but it is also best to consider that you pick one according to your needs. After all, your movie is your masterpiece and it needs to be perfectly showcased. We hope the best for your movie or movie night! Good luck! You may also see creative western flyer templates

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