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Looking for cost-effective ways to promote your products and business as a whole? What you need is a well-designed flyer. A flyer is a form of a paper-based advertisement and business promotion which disseminates relevant information to the general public. In line with this, we have here an array of flyer templates that are of great quality and definition. Our flyer templates and mock-ups are professionally drafted and designed.

To hasten your flyer production, you can simply choose and download from our list of templates. Aside from commercial and business flyers, we also offer flyer templates for noncommercial purposes such as our list of conference flyer templates. Just click on the provided link to access them.

Free Real Estate Flyer Templates

Real Estate Agent Flyer Template



Real Estate Property Flyer Template



Commercial Real Estate Flyer Template



Free Business Flyer Templates

Small Business Flyer Template



Professional Business Flyer Template



Corporate Business Flyer Template



Multipurpose Business Flyer Template



Free Holiday Flyer Templates

Summer Holiday Party Flyer Template



Holiday Party Flyer Template



Holiday Event Flyer Template



Relevance of Flyers

The primary use of a flyer is to provide relevant information. Here are some of its other uses including its nonprofit purposes:

  • Advertisement. In the world of business, flyers are used to advertise a certain product or service. They are versatile forms of marketing. For instance, electronic flyers can help drive traffic to a particular website with creative graphics and texts that create curiosity. Flyers are also used by nonprofit-driven organizations such as in promoting charitable activities, concerts for a cause, and other noble events.
  • Government. The government also makes use of flyers for a public purpose. It is used to raise awareness and disseminate information about a certain program or any updates about the dynamic of their respective offices.
  • Social Movements. Flyers are also used in persuading people about a certain social, religious, or any political agenda or campaign. An example of this are Women’s Day Flyers, which are created to recognize the contribution of women in nation building. During election period, political candidates make use of Campaign Flyers to bring them closer to the people. It is a way of instilling familiarity to the general public. In addition to this, social movements also use them to recruit more members to join their respective organizations.

Characteristics and Commonly Used Flyer Types

In our seemingly globalized world, there is an increasing interdependence among countries. The advancement of technology also changed the landscape of advertising and marketing. Amid all these, flyers are still not obsolete. Based on research, various for-profit and nonprofit organizations still utilize them because they are effective and at the same time not too expensive. Here are some of the most commonly used flyer types:

  • Gift certificates. This is a popular type and application of flyers. Flyers are also used to disseminate coupons and gift certificates. Mostly, they are used for rewarding purposes, but this type of flyer has multiple purposes. First, it is a reward in itself because it provides the recipient with some incentives. Second, they are good marketing strategies. And last, they you can also insert informative facts and details in it.
  • Catalogues. It is considered as one of the strong manifestations of a flyer. It is a very detailed in terms of content. Business owners are given the privilege to promote their services and products in a detailed manner. In terms of pages, they are mostly two to three pages long. Most businesses position and put their set of catalogues near the counters for the customers to use and read while waiting for their turn.
  • Mailers. This type of flyer promotes a particular product. In terms of scope, it is limited compared to other types of flyers. They are usually used by medium- to small-scale business.
  • Leaflets. They are usually small in size. They take the form of single-fold brochures or even a single sheet of paper. They provide limited and brief information about a certain subject matter. The advantages of using leaflets are numerous. Most businesses used them because they are cheap and can be put and stationed anywhere—indoors, car windshields, or even as mailing lists.

These are just some of the commonly used types of flyers. They are designed and formatted for a particular purpose and they are effective if used appropriately. Indeed, flyers are relevant both in the private and public sector. Feel free to check out and download our templates.

Free Christmas Flyer Templates

Merry Christmas Flyer Template



Blank Christmas Flyer Template



Christmas Party Flyer Template



Kid’s Christmas Event Flyer Template



Free Halloween Flyer Templates

Halloween Party Flyer Template



Halloween Potluck Flyer Template



Halloween Bash Flyer Template



Free Party Flyer Templates

Pizza Party Flyer Template



Christmas Party Invitation Flyer Template



Free Vintage Flyer Templates

Vintage Party Flyer Template



Vintage Carnival Flyer Template



Vintage Retro Flyer Template



Free BBQ Flyer Templates

Summer BBQ Flyer Template



BBQ Event Flyer Template



BBQ Party Flyer Template



Timeless Influence of Flyers

Flyers are not products of modernity. It is just enhanced and modified through time. It has proven its capacity to withstand the test of times. Here are some of its historical highlights:

  • During the Dark Ages, making announcements was not that easy. You need to get down to the village town square and start shouting your announcement or declaration. This was also done by the town crier. Subsequently, the rich merchants of the Renaissance Period in Italy realized the importance of information and that it should be written or else it will fade and be forgotten.
  • When the printing press in Germany was invented in 1450, this brought about a lot of changes. It has leveled the field of information dissemination. Before, only the monarchs had the edge of knowing and disseminating information, but with the coming of the printing press, normal people was able to make their own announcements.
  • Moving forward, the slight opening to information access led to the formation of anti–status quo movements. The women’s rights movements used flyers to disseminate their advocacy for gender equality.
  • With the advent of the color photocopier in the 1970s, many social movements and groups made use of flyers to pursue their agenda.
  • Moving forward to the modern times, flyers are now accessible to anyone and at anytime. Flyers are also available in the online world.

These are just some of salient events that happened in the evolution of flyers. Its history makes us realize that we should value our right to access and disseminate lawful information.

A Variety of Flyer Templates

As you browse through our website, you can see that there are a lot of options available for you. Let’s examine some of them:

  • Real Estate Flyers. Real estate agents and developers utilize flyers in order to ensure and effectively provide information to the public about the property they are dealing. In this way, it will be easy for the prospective buyer to take note and remember the essential information about a certain property. In this kind of flyer, it is a must that all the pertinent information about the property are given including the negotiable and fixed price. The contact numbers of the dealers must also be indicated.
  • Events and Seasons-Based Flyers. This refer to our various holiday and other events flyers. For instance, Christmas flyers are sent out by companies both internally and to the public in order to know the promos and rewards in store for the holiday season. If you are planning to conduct parties such as Halloween parties, by all means use our Halloween party flyers. You can also use flyers in promoting your newly opened business with our pizza and summer BBQ flyer templates.

These are just some of our featured templates. You can also check out our Festival Flyers and Surprise Party Flyers, which are also of great quality and definition. Just click on the provided link to access them.

Free Birthday Flyer Templates

Happy Birthday Flyer Template



Club Birthday Flyer Template



1st Birthday Flyer Template



Birthday Invitation Flyer Template



Free DJ Flyer Templates

Wedding DJ Flyer Template



DJ Party Flyer Template



DJ Battle Flyer Template



Free Event Flyer Templates

Spring Summer Event Flyer Template



Event Party Flyer Template



Free Club Flyer Templates

Club Event Flyer Template



Club Promotion Flyer Template



Free Thanksgiving Flyer Templates

Happy Thanksgiving Flyer Template



Thanksgiving Dinner Flyer Template



Thanksgiving Event Flyer Template



Thanksgiving Potluck Flyer Template



Free Yoga Flyer Templates

Yoga Class Flyer Template



Yoga Retreat Flyer Template



Free Charity Flyer Templates

Charity Event Flyer Template



Charity Golf Event Flyer Template



Charity Fundraiser Flyer Template



Free Sales Flyer Templates

Product Sales Flyer Template



Sales Promotion Flyer Template



Sales Contest Flyer Template



Tips in Designing Flyers

The flyer itself is a marketing tool. The challenge lies on how you will make your flyer stand out from the rest of the flyers available. Competition is very tight nowadays. To help you make your flyer stand out, here are some tips that you may consider:

  • Adopt a catchy headline or title. The heading must leave a mark in the on the hearts and minds of the readers. It must not be too usual to the extent of being boring. The title must be memorable. According to research, popular titles include words such as “The Secrets of,” “Easy,” “How To,” “Proven,” and many more.
  • Whenever possible, use white space. Going back to the rationale why flyers are made, the content must be clear and legible. The white space between the areas of the text is important on a flyer. You must ensure that the thrust of the overall design of the flyer is to drag the reader’s attention to relevant information.
  • Utilize high-quality and colorful graphics. You must learn to balance and strategically insert and add images in the flyer. The images must be related to the content of the flyer. They must substantiate and empower the content as a whole. A stunning and high-quality photo can easily grab and hook the attention of the readers and viewers.
  • Focus on the benefits of the promoted product of event. Most readers are more attractive to information and events that have benefits and incentives. They will always ask the question of What’s in it for me? Always use positive and engaging language.
  • Be concise and proofread your work. Ar the end of the day, the reader does not have all the time in the world. You have to effectively catch their attention and only provide information sufficient information. Also, don’t forget to check if you have grammatical errors.

These are just some tips that you may use to make your flyers stand out from the rest. You may also add more along the way to share with your colleagues.

Easy-to-Download Flyer Templates

To hasten your work and to provide more references, you can simply download our flyer templates. To do this, follow the simple steps below:

  • Browse through and check out the templates. Template.net provides several templates for you. In addition to this, we also provide tips and tricks that you can use for your template.
  • Click on the green Download button below the chosen template in order to start downloading your chosen template.

Indeed, there are a lot of templates in store for you here. You can also check out our Sample Flyer Templates and Professional Flyers which are also of great quality.

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