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40+ Printable Invitation Flyer Designs & Templates – PSD, AI, Vector EPS

Despite of how modern today’s era is, how almost all things are being done digitally and how people seem to rely much on technology, there is one thing that will never go out of style, and that is an invitation. There are numerous events out there and for sure they all require an invitation. How will you expect someone to come then if there are no invites? Make sense, right? From the usual invitation cards, some even made invitation flyers in a unique and new way.

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If you want to step up your usual game of inviting people, sending cards or e-cards, why not include flyers? And if you are looking for one, we got it all right here. There are numerous choices for you to choose from. All of them contain amazing designs. If you want to see samples, check them below.

Invitation Flyer Template

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Christmas Invitation Flyer

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Merry Christmas Invitation Flyer

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Halloween Party Invitation Flyer

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Thanksgiving Invitation Flyer

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Printable Church Invitation Flyers

Church Concert Invitation Flyer

Modern Church Invitation Flyer

Printable Birthday Invitation Flyers

Birthday Bash Invitation Flyer

Surprise Birthday Invitation Flyer

Baby Birthday Invitation Flyer

Printable Baby Shower Invitation Flyers

Nautical Baby Shower Invitation Flyer


Community Baby Shower Invitation Flyer

Printable Business Invitation Flyers

Business Marketing Invitation Flyer


Business Promotion Invitation Flyer

Construction Business Invitation Flyer

Business Invitation Card Flyer

Printable Picnic Invitation Flyers

Importance of an Invitation

Invitations set the stage for a certain event, and unless you are planning to throw a mediocre party, you should not plan on sending out mediocre Invitation flyer designs. Since they represent your party, make them more dazzling and noteworthy. Let your guests be amazed by how unique and fantastic they are. Most importantly, your invitations declare your event’s theme, colors, and excitement.

Apart from this, invitations serve as a souvenir for your friends, loved ones, and other guests who will be attending the party. The quality of the invitation will create a reflection as to what kind of arrangements that you will be making for the occasion. Therefore, never invest on plain wedding, christening, or other important invitations when you are going to throw a grandiose party. Always keep in mind that details matter a lot and you should concentrate on making everything about your party special.

Elegant wedding or baptism invitations will surely create a positive impression on your guests and they will cherish it for a lifetime. These invitations will serve like a sweet memoir of the moments that you and your near ones will live together. You may have ordered them for finishing a formality, but do put some efforts in making the message and design personalized because these cards will stay with your dear ones forever. You can also see Real Estate flyers .

Now, as mentioned, there are different types of invitation, and the most widely used are the digital ones and the traditional.

Advantages of Digital or Online Invites:

  • It is cost effective. Usually free. If the holiday party budget is tight, this is one best idea and it’s easy to cut costs.
  • Prompt RSVP. You can just click yes or reply to the email or Facebook invite and the organizer knows in real time how many guests he or she will be expecting, without waiting on the post both ways. You can also see Women’s day flyers.
  • Everyone has the chance to see who will be there. Some social and e-invite services let invited people see the guest list. Admittedly, this could fit in both the pro and con section. However, as a guest, it’s also nice to see and to know if they know anyone there without having to ask other people.
  • Making announcements and updates are super lightweight. If the time or place changes, informing every guest is just a few clicks away. The event or invitation service might even sync to guests’ calendars, updating everyone’s appointments all at the same time.
  • Online addons. Creating a Facebook event, for example, gives the party a digital place where the host and guests can easily comment and chat to arrange shared suggestions and ideas or organize who brings what at the event. There’s also polling options available for the host to get a taste of what guests want to drink, for example (because nobody wants to run out of beer).
  • They can be pretty. Email invitations do not have to be a standard area of plain and lifeless text and buttons. Make it more appealing and take advantage of modern apps.

These are just some benefits of using a digital tool when making invitations. Efficient and convenient for sure. No wonder why some people choose the digital way.

Printable Graduation Invitation Flyers

Graduation Ceremony Invitation Flyer


Graduation Open House Invitation Flyer

Printable Holiday Invitation Flyers

Holiday Travel Invitation Flyer

Holiday Bake Sale Invitation Flyer

Holiday Food Drive Invitation Flyer

Happy Holiday Invitation Flyer

Printable Retirement Invitation Flyers

Funny Retirement Invitation Flyer

Retirement Celebration Invitation Flyer


Printable Family Reunion Invitation Flyers

Classic Family Reunion Invitation Flyer

Printable Wedding Invitation Flyers

Wedding Reception Invitation Flyer

Advantages of Traditional Invites

Now, let us talk about the benefits of using traditional invitations this time. Let us find out why despite the easy-digital way, some opt for a traditional manner.

  • Will show your inner crafts person. Receiving a lavish letterpress invitation in the mail is the world away from opening an inbox. And economical DIY party invites are far more significant for guests than by receiving any email invites. It uplifts even a simple backyard barbecue to a special occasion. Of course, everyone has an address, but not everyone has a Facebook or any social media account. Grandma, great-aunts, that one friend who’s not into social media; if the entire guest list isn’t email savvy or isn’t on the same field, this will create an event that falls short of expectations and ends up being more work for the planner.
  • Make it clear who’s invited. Online invitations are addressed to a single profile or email address, so even if a host means to extend the invite to spouses, children, or unknown “plus ones,” there’s no simple and easy way to make that crystal clear. A paper invite can be addressed to a certain family, a couple, or a single person.
  • It is more confidential. There is a way, of course, to limit privacy settings on a Facebook event, for instance. But as a whole, sending a physical invitation has a lesser risk of being exposed via an aberrant comment or share to uninvited guests who might feel offended.

When inviting guests for your party, there is no right or wrong choice. Just decide what is important to you and what is best for your guest list, and then from there, you can determine if online or paper invites better fit the planning and style of your planned event. What’s important, in the end, is that you close out another year with the people you love and everybody is happy, well-fed, and knows exactly where to be and when.

Different Invitation Types

Here we distinguish the many invitation types.

In Writing Style

Handwritten invitations are generally enough for small, private affairs where the guest list is below 50. Examples of this include luncheons, private receptions, and small dinner parties. Handwritten invitation types, however, take extra time and commitment so they are not best suited for larger events. They can be in pretty pieces of stationery or plain white paper. You can even select a quote from a famous author or make up your quote slogan to add as an introduction into the invitation. This type of invitation also makes for a more personal touch, so feel free to add an individual note for each invited guest.

Digital Invitations

Today, we send almost everything digitally, and this can also be applied to invitations. Digital invitations save resources such as paper and stamps and provide a faster and prompter way to receive a message across. These are especially helpful if you are organizing an event that is last minute and time is no longer a luxury. There are a lot of online sites who offer digital invitations and once you choose one you can enter in numerous of your contacts all at the same time. Once you hit Send, everyone on the list receives your invitation automatically. Some sites even let you know when your invitation has been read so you can keep track and make sure that they are able to receive your invitation.

The Never-Ending Party Invitation

You might want to send out a party invitation if you are celebrating a birthday, graduation, or anniversary. Party invitations can be found in so many varieties ranging from serious and sentimental to funny and cynical. This type of invitation can also be created hand-made. Do not forget to add when and where the party is located and add a phone number so your guests can RSVP. If in case you are planning your party in advance, you may want to mail out your invitations; but if the party is just around the corner, consider hand-delivering the party invitations instead.

Regardless of what type you will go to, complete information and amazing design are the key if you want to impress guests with your invitation. It pays to leave them a positive impression so that by next time, they will keep on looking forward for your event.

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Printable Anniversary Invitation Flyers

Pastor Anniversary Invitation Flyer


Luxury Anniversary Invitation Flyer

Printable Formal Invitation Flyers

Formal Happy Hour Invitation Flyer

Formal Seminar Invitation Flyer

Unique Formal Invitation Flyer

Printable Meeting Invitation Flyers

Club Meeting Invitation Flyer

Team Meeting Invitation Flyer

Printable Potluck Invitation Flyers

Summer Potluck Invitation Flyer

Printable Invitation PSD Flyers

Bridal Shower Invitation PSD Flyer

BBQ Invitation PSD Flyer


Grand Opening Invitation PSD Flyer


Lunch Invitation PSD Flyer

College Graduation Invitation Flyer

DIY Steps in Making Invitations

Though they are numerous digital ways available when it comes to creating an invitation, still there are those who choose the old-school style of manually creating one. You can follow the steps below for reference:

  • Determine as to what great colors to choose. The colors you prefer are generally determined by the celebration itself. Let’s say, for example, a birthday party invitation may be done in the celebrant’s favorite colors or be related to the theme of the event. If you’re sending invitations on behalf of someone else, make sure to inform them first about color preferences. Buying colored papers or designs or printing in colored ink vs. black can add a bit to your cost, so always remember that.
  • Think about what context to put in. You need to add basic or general information on your invitation flyer so that everyone arrives at the exact time, on the right day, and at the right place. Make sure that you’ve confirmed all your details about time, date, and place before you start making your invitations. Think about additional information as well, you may need to include such as a contact or RSVP phone number, instructions about attire or gifts, directions and/or a map, and a web address (if you’ve created one for the occasion). Be sure all the information about auxiliary events has been decided and confirmed.
  • Make a print out of your invitation text. To finish up with the correct size insert, it makes sense to first print out the text for your invitation. Once you determine as to how much length and width you need for a text box, you can work back from there to arrive at the finished sizes of your backing paper(s)
  • Stick the sheets in proper place. Use a glue stick to paste your layers to one another. Put your back layer down on the table and glue the next layer on top of it. There are some people who can easily “eyeball” the paper and know where to paste them exactly. Others need to properly measure and make little pencil dots so that they can line up the paper precisely when making a bordered appearance. Press the paper down strongly and allow it to dry completely before pasting the next layer in place to ensure the first layer doesn’t move when you apply pressure to adhere the next layer.

There you have it. But if you find it stressful to follow the steps, why not use our templates instead? We have a variety of gorgeous invitation flyer designs that are an absolute fit to your event. Not just that, you can easily download them too! Make your occasion more meaningful by downloading these invitations. Meeting invitation and Baptism invitation are also available on our archives.

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