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An invitation flyer is a kind of an invitation material printed on a single sheet of paper rather than being folded or having multiple pages to provide more information about a particular gathering. Invitation flyer templates can be used in a variety of events as its layout in the selected medium can actually provide both formal and casual visual appeals, depending on the design items and materials that will be applied on it.

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Invitation flyers can be used to invite people to a party, a formal gathering, a casual get-together, and even on special occasions like weddings and birthday celebrations. If you want to create an invitation flyer, the first thing that you need to do is to assure that you have all the information needed to be disseminated and you also have a design or a theme in mind related to the event where the invitation flyer will be used.

Art Party Invitation Template

art party invitation template

Invitation Flyer Template

invitation flyer template
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Wedding Party Invitation Flyer Template

wedding party invitation flyer template
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Gym Grand Opening Flyer Template

gym grand opening flyer template
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Merry Christmas Invitation Flyer

free merry christmas invitation flyer template
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Christmas Invitation Flyer

free christmas invitation flyer template
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Supreme Thanksgiving Invitation Flyer

free supreme thanksgiving invitation flyer
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Free Premium Halloween Party Invitation Flyer

free premium halloween party invitation flyer
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Sample Party Invitation Flyer

Farewell Party Invitation Flyer

farewell party invitation flyer2 Download

Graduation Party Invitation Flyer

graduation party invitation flyer4 Download

Bachelorette Party Invitation Flyer

bachelorette party invitation flyer1 Download

Sample Church Invitation Flyer

Church Gospel Concert Invitation Flyer

church conference invitation flyer1 Download

Church Anniversary Invitation Flyer

church anniversary invitation flyer Download

Modern Church Invitation Flyer

modern church invitation flyer Download

Church Bake Sale Invitation Flyer

church bake sale invitation flyer Download

Sample Business Invitation Flyer

Business Promotion Invitation Flyer

business promotion invitation flyer Download

Business Invitation Flyer

business announcement invitation flyer Download

Construction Business Invitation Flyer

construction business invitation flyer Download

Corporate Business Invitation Flyer

corporate business invitation flyer Download

Sample Birthday Invitation Flyer

Birthday Bash Invitation Flyer

birthday bash invitation flyer2 Download

Surprise Birthday Invitation Flyer

surprise birthday invitation flyer Download

Baby Birthday Invitation Flyer

baby birthday invitation flyer Download

Kid’s Birthday Invitation Flyer

kids birthday invitation flyer2 Download

Sample Event Invitation Flyer

School Event Invitation Flyer

school event invitation flyer3 Download

Club Event Invitation Flyer

club event invitation flyer Download

Golf Event Invitation Flyer

golf event invitation flyer2 Download

Music Event Invitation Flyer

music event invitation flyer1 Download

Creating an Invitation Flyer

Since an invitation flyer is used to provide information about a specific event or a purpose to gather, here are a few items that should always be included in an invitation flyer:

  • The reason for the invitation or the purpose on why the invitation flyer has been sent out
  • The names of the entity for whom the party is
  • The date and time of the event where a person has been invited
  • The location of the event and, if possible, a guide map on how to get there
  • The theme of the party or the mood that the guests can expect should they decide to go to the celebration
  • The dress code that the guests are requested to follow for the theme of the event to be fully implemented
  • Other details that are necessary to be known by the invited guests

Invitation Flyers Used for Business Purposes and Formal Events

An invitation flyer is not just for celebrations as it can be used by businesses as a marketing tool to promote their brand and the products and services that they offer to their consumers. A few samples of invitation flyers used for this particular purpose are as follows:

  • Businesses can use invitation flyers to promote the activities that they will host. As an example, people can get more information about a business’s grand opening, if invitation flyers will be sent out on dates prior to the event. It can be a way for businesses to generate more foot traffic and for their events to be more successful in terms of the number of people who have participated in the program that they have prepared.
  • Invitation flyers may also be given out at the counters of stores to announce a sale date or to provide more information about the special offerings that they will provide to their consumers. An invitation flyer used for this kind of promotional activity should contain the basic information that can be seen in an invitation flyer and the guidelines and specific details about the offering that can convince people to go to the store and practice their purchasing power which will be translated as actual sales for the company.
  • For formal events, an invitation flyer can be used to invite people to be present at an army promotion, a fundraising event, or even on a school’s graduation rites. Formal invitation flyers focus more on its content compared to other celebration invitation flyers where there are a lot of design items that are present to improve the visuals and aesthetic of the document.
  • Conferences, seminars, and conventions can also make use of invitation flyers to provide information about a specific gathering that will be centered in the discussion of a particular purpose, advocacy, or field of learning and expertise. Invitation flyers used in this manner must visually present the subject or topic of discussion and the type of people or groups that can benefit should they attend in the gathering.

Sample Army Promotion Invitation Flyer

Army Promotion Ceremony Invitation Flyer

army promotion ceremony invitation flyer Download

Sample BBQ Invitation Flyer

BBQ Cook Out Invitation Flyer

bbq cook out invitation flyer Download

BBQ Fundraising Invitation Flyer

bbq fundraising invitation flyer Download

BBQ Lunch Invitation Flyer

bbq lunch invitation flyer Download

BBQ Invitation Menu Flyer

bbq invitation menu flyer Download

Sample Conference Invitation Flyer

Youth Conference Invitation Flyer

youth conference invitation flyer1 Download

Women’s Conference Invitation Flyer

womens conference invitation flyer Download

Sample Dinner Invitation Flyer

Charity Dinner Invitation Flyer

charity dinner invitation flyer1 Download

Retirement Dinner Invitation Flyer

retirement dinner invitation flyer Download

Christmas Dinner Invitation Flyer

christmas dinner invitation flyer Download

Sample Grand Opening Invitation Flyer

Grand Opening Invitation Flyer

day care grand opening invitation flyer Download

Gym Grand Opening Invitation Flyer

gym grand opening invitation flyer Download

Hair Salon Grand Opening Invitation Flyer

hair salon grand opening invitation flyer Download

Invitation Flyers Used for Parties and Celebrations

Aside from its effectiveness as an invitation material to formal and business-related matters, an invitation flyer may also be used to ask for the presence of guests in parties and celebrations. With a few tweaks in its design and the use of more vibrant and lively font styles, a party invitation flyer can already be used for the following purposes:

  • A bachelorette party can use an invitation flyer to provide information about the things that will happen in the last event that a woman will be celebrating as a single person. It can also be used by girls and women of all ages for the special occasions that will happen in their lives like their debuts and the likes.
  • Weddings are also events where organizers are already practicing the use of wedding invitation flyers rather than resorting to the usage of conventional wedding invitation cards. For one, it looks more polished and it can already show all the program flow of both the wedding ceremonies and the reception in just one document. This is very helpful, especially if the couple wants to assure that the theme of the wedding can be fully seen in the invitation flyer while providing all the information needed to be known by the wedding attendees.
  • An birthday invitation flyer is also a great material to give to guests of birthday celebrations be it fully planned or even if the celebrant will be surprised on the day of his or her birthday. Create a birthday-worthy invitation flyer by using designs that are colorful, vibrant, and those that exude a mood of joy.
  • With the use of soft hues and smooth textures in the design, an invitation flyer will work best for events that are related to babies, toddlers, and kids like baby showers, baptismal, and early years of birthday celebrations. In most of these events, parents bring children and babies as well. This is the reason why it is better to provide them with an invitation flyer that they can browse through without turning on pages as they may be busy taking care of their children from time to time, even if they want to know more information about the event or they just want to be aware on the part of the program that is already happening.
  • Invitation flyers may also be used to invite people to get together for club and beach parties, music festivals, and holiday celebrations. It is very important to be precise and concise in relaying information about these kinds of events as they are usually themed and the guests who plans to attend the celebration should be guided properly so they could prepare accordingly and for him or her to fit the brief to be implemented during the event proper.

Guidelines in Using Invitation Flyers for Parties and Celebrations

If you will use an invitation flyer for the purpose of inviting guests to a party or a celebration, here are a few guidelines that you may follow:

  • Be sure that the theme of the event is incorporated to the invitation flyer as this will make the invitation unique, memorable, and strikingly appealing.
  • More than the design of the invitation flyer, focus on the accuracy and readability of the information that you will put in the invitation flyer.
  • Create cohesion in all the design materials that you will use so that the overall appearance of the invitation flyer will not be messy and can fully be interpreted.
  • As much as possible, do not veer away from the color selection of the entire event or the palettes that are also used in other materials present in the location of the gathering.

Sample Holiday Invitation Flyer

Holiday Food Drive Invitation Flyer

holiday food drive invitation flyer Download

Holiday Breakfast Invitation Flyer

holiday breakfast invitation flyer Download

Happy Holiday Invitation Flyer

happy holiday invitation flyer Download

Sample Restaurant Invitation Flyer

Fast Food Restaurant Invitation Flyer

fast food restaurant invitation flyer Download

 Sample Seminar Invitation Flyer

Financial Seminar Invitation Flyer

financial seminar invitation flyer1 Download

Sample Summer Invitation Flyer

Summer Camp Invitation Flyer

summer camp invitation flyer1 Download

Summer Beach Party Invitation Flyer

summer beach party invitation flyer1 Download

Retro Summer Invitation Flyer

retro summer invitation flyer Download

Invitation Flyers Used for Casual Gatherings

More than the usage of invitation flyers to formal gatherings and special events, it can actually be used in simple get together where the presence of people is more than enough to celebrate. A few of these gatherings where an invitation flyer may be used are as follows:

  • Farewell party invitation flyers are given to people who are close to a person that will already leave either a company, an organization, or a location. Events like this mainly occur because of retirement, resignation, and/or migration.
  • Churches can also give out invitation flyers to invite people to attend the gospel, join them in church activities and programs, and to let people feel welcomed to participate in church discussions and small support groups.
  • An invitation flyer is also a great way to invite close friends and acquaintances to anniversaries and other milestones that people have already reached.
  • A simple get-together over meals can also be celebrated even by only a few people who would like to update each other about their individual lives. A few of these casual gatherings can be a BBQ or grill party; a cookout celebration involving friends or a small group of people; and a breakfast, lunch, or dinner reunion of people who haven’t met each other for a long time.

Designing an Invitation Flyer

If you are already aware of the things that you will put in an invitation planner, the next thing to do is to identify the design items that you will incorporate to the material. A few suggestions in designing an invitation flyer are as follows:

  • Know the purpose of the invitation or the kind of event where the invitation flyer will be used. We have already provided you with samples of invitation flyers used for corporate events, businesses, gatherings, and celebrations so it will be easier for you to know the event type where the functions of an invitation flyer will be of use.
  • Identify the theme or the mood of the event. The design of the invitation flyer may vary on the items that are involved in the program of the event. If the invitation flyer will be used for a formal event, make sure that your invitation flyer will be business-like and will use design items that are sleek and corporate-looking. On the other hand, you can be more playful and creative if the invitation flyer will be used for events that are more casual and laid back.
  • The color palette or scheme. Before proceeding to the actual design process of the invitation flyer, create a color scheme or lay the color palette that you want to apply to the design. Color blocking and the proper incorporation of colors, hues, and textures are very important as an invitation flyer is a one page document and it is seen with its overall entirety.
  • The fonts and font styles. Know the fonts that you will use for the information that can be seen in the invitation flyer. It is highly suggested to use two to three variations of font styles so that the appearance of the texts will not be too visually overwhelming.
  • Stick to the theme. Your design elements may be inspired by the location of the event, the celebration which is the reason of the gathering, the character of the person to whom the event is for, and the theme used in the event.
  • The resource to use. Know the materials that will be used in the event and use icons that represent the materials present in the gathering. The design of the invitation flyer should be aligned to the celebration and there should be items present in the invitation flyer that can provide the link between the event and the document used to invite the guests.

With the different types of events where an invitation flyer may be used, it is really important to assure that the person who will design the invitation flyer is aware of the event’s program and that he or she can fully reflect the event in the invitation flyer. Being able to succeed regarding this matter can provide the guests with a proper preview of the things that they can expect to the event where they are invited.

With all the guides and samples that we have provided, we hope that you are already confident and knowledgeable in selecting the invitation flyer that is accurate to be used for the event that you will host or organize.

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