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At some point in our lives, we think of buying a property that we can use in the future. It may be a house, land, or a building we could start our business on. We come across these properties being promoted in more ways than one. We see them on television, internet, and in printed ads. Some of them are even printed in flyers. These real estate companies entice people to invest in buying properties that they could utilize them sooner or later.

As a real estate agent, having a flyer for the properties you are selling is an important promotional tool. Flyers are quick and easy to read. All the information are contained on one page. It leaves a call to action on people. If you haven’t decided on a flyer design yet, take a look at our collection and see what fits your taste.

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Real Estate Flyer Template

cm real estate flyers

Real Estate Flyer Template


Simple Real Estate Flyer

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How To Design A Real Estate Flyer

Photos of houses and its pricing printed on flyers seem nothing to us who don’t know anything about real estate. But for people who are into it, these things are important. It is not easy to design a real estate flyer. It needs concentration and patience. Here are some tips for designing a real estate flyer.

1. Choose a template.

Several templates for flyers are ready to be purchased online. In choosing a template, make sure the design is not cluttered and does not annoy your eyes. Take your budget into consideration since templates vary in prices. Another thing to look for when choosing a template is its compatibility with your software applications. Check if it is compatible with Adobe Photoshop and InDesign. Do not purchase it if the template does not work on both applications. Lastly, choose a template that fits with the idea you have in mind. This will make the designing process easier. It also helps to have a rough sketch of your planned design before purchasing a template. You may also like real estate flyer templates.

2. Pick a paper size for printing.

Flyers are printed in A3, A4, A5, DL and A6 sizes. For A3, it measures 420 millimeters (mm) by 297 mm. A4 is 297 mm by 210 mm in size. The dimensions of A5 are 210 mm by 148.5 mm. On the other hand, DL, which means dimension lengthwise, measures 210 mm by 99 mm. It is roughly smaller than A5. DL is a common size for envelopes which promotional materials such as brochure designs and flyers can fit in. While A6 measures 148 mm by 105 mm. It’s up to you if you want to use a glossy paper for your flyer. You need to focus on your design to determine which size of paper your flyer gets to be printed on.

3. Check your applications and printer.

Check if your current Adobe Photoshop and InDesign programs still work. Over time, applications malfunction when they aren’t updated in relation to the device’s operating system. You can have the latest update of these applications installed if your current ones don’t work anymore. If it still does, there’s no need to worry. Do not forget to check if your printer is still functional. Your flyer won’t be distributed if your printer does not work well. You may also like real estate marketing flyers.

4. Come up with an attractive and catchy headline.

The headline is the first thing people notice in a flyer. Come up with an attractive one to catch their attention. Once you have their attention, they get to read the rest of the information. Write in a simple language. This also applies to the other information on your flyer. Simple language is understandable for everybody and it makes things easier. You may also see beautiful real estate flyers.

5. Put photos on the flyer.

Real estate is about selling homes. Put photos of houses you are selling on your flyer. Add descriptions such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, number of stories, the kind of house, and the price. Be detailed in the descriptions of each photo. Flyers are your marketing tools since you are selling houses. Place your photos in an orderly manner. Make sure it does not appear cluttered for viewers.

6. Do not forget the contact information.

Put your name, company number, and email address in the contact information. If possible, include your social media account for potential buyers to easily contact you. Know the products you are selling so you can answer their questions with certainty. As with the information on your flyer, be specific in answering the client’s questions.

7.  Double check the design.

At the end of all the sweats of designing, always double check if there are some things that you might have missed. There may be some imperfections in your design that need a little attention. Check every detail and improve if there are lapses. When everything is set, have your flyer printed. You may also see real estate flyer samples.

Minimal Real Estate Flyer Template


Luxury Real Estate Flyer Template


Real Estate Open House Flyer


Real Estate Flyer Template


Real Estate Flyer

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Real Estate Flyer Template


Real Estate Flyer

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How To Be A Successful Real Estate Agent

The real estate is an industry of determination and numbers. Going into it is a roller coaster ride. Agents come and go, but those who stay long enough have qualities that made them last longer in the competitive industry. These are the qualities successful real estate agents possess.

1. Good communication skills.

Real estate is about sales. Sales mean communicating with your potential client to close a deal. Good communication skills are needed in the real estate industry. You have to be brave enough when approaching a client on what kind of house he wants to buy. You give him the specifics of a unit that he plans to avail and how to pay it. The communication between you and the client goes beyond face-to-face interaction. The client gets to email you with further questions. Having an accommodating and friendly way of communicating will make your client feel sure about his potential purchase. Always put them in top priority and address their needs in buying a house. This will also strengthen your reputation and may get you more referrals through word of mouth.

2. Find a good mentor.

The very industry you are breaking in has a mountain of complicated matters in store for you. At first, you might not be able to make sense of what’s going on. Find a great mentor who can teach you the stuff that you need to do. This mentor can help you in navigating your way in the real estate world. Whatever advice they give, make sure to follow it by heart. While some lessons are given, some are better learned the hard and memorable way. You may also see real estate flyers.

3. Make good use of technology.

The people who broke in the real estate way before you didn’t get to use too much of the technology that you have now. Use it to your advantage. Download some real estate applications that can help you in gaining more knowledge about the industry. Use your social media accounts in promoting the homes you are selling. Your profiles offer direct contact with potential clients.

4. Be goal oriented.

Being in the real estate industry entails that you have to meet the quota for the number of houses that you have to sell over a period of time. Prepare a set of goals that will help you reach the quota. With each goal, you can set another one for yourself. Having a list of smart goals to achieve encourages you to do more than what you can as of now. This gets you in the game of improving yourself and being more productive in work.

5. Prepare backup savings.

Joining the real estate industry is a rough start. Save up a good amount of money from your previous job. Getting your pay in the real estate industry means having to wait until the purchase is made and you get your commission. The commission is not part of your basic salary. Plan your expenses and make a simple budget out of your savings. Make it more than enough to last you until you get your first commission. Preparing backup savings will save you from a lot of things that might come along the way.

6. Set a schedule.

Set a schedule for everything you do, especially the work-related ones. This saves you from being burned out and from having nothing to do. By having a simple schedule, you can manage your time and be efficient when doing one task. Jumping from one task to another with ease becomes a piece of cake. This allows your mind to adjust to a certain system that you will get used to in the long run. Plot your schedule on a monthly basis. Set aside time for work and for fun. Trust us, you would not want to think of work all the time. Allow yourself to loosen up sometimes and have some fun. Always balance work and fun to make your life easy.

7. Update your website as an agent.

Have regular updates of your website so the people visiting it online would know the latest homes you are selling. Promote your website on your social media accounts and include it in the flyer as part of the contact information. If you want to add more traffic to your site, come up with relevant and useful content. As for any website, content is the key to getting more clicks and site visits.

8. Sympathize with your client’s needs.

Buying a home is a crucial decision to make. A huge amount of money is invested in making it happen. As a real estate agent, sympathize with their needs. This decision makes them question a million things. Answer them with professionalism and a friendly tone. Make them feel that you are with them in their journey to buying that dream house. You are there to guide them every step of the way. You may also see best real estate flyers.

9. Never stop learning.

Mistakes and failures are part of the learning process in every industry. There is no shortcut to perfection and learning all the how-tos in the real estate industry in a snap. Do not stop learning. Be open to every little piece of information and advice that you stumble upon. Do not limit yourself to the resources you have. Do a bit more research and learn from the experiences in dealing with clients and purchases. Every potential purchase might end up being approved or left without any closure. Learn from everything in your immersion in the industry. It has a wide range of lessons that you can use in case you take on another job. You may also see real estate sale flyers.

10. Build a strong client portfolio.

Building a strong client portfolio comes with referrals from your clients. These people help you in your portfolio as you do your job well. Your portfolio is built on your credibility and skills in closing deals and dealing with clients. Sharpen those aspects well and you’d have a strong client portfolio that you can be proud of. You may also see free flyer templates.

11. Believe in yourself.

When no one believes in you and in days when you don’t want to work at all, learn to believe and motivate yourself. No one else can do that but you. Treat every day as a challenge and an opportunity to grow as a person. Believe that you can get through everything and there’s always a way in getting things done. You may also like modern flyer templates.

Real Estate Flyer Template


Real Estate Flyer Template


Things To Consider When Buying Real Estate

Buying a property is a decision that needs deep thinking and consultation. It is something that can change the course of your life and the people around you. There are some factors that could make or break your decision in buying a real estate property. These factors should be weighed properly before going all in.

1. Life situation.

Consider the lifestyle and the life situation you have now. It can change overnight, in a few months, or years. We cannot predict what happens next. If you are in a long-term relationship, you should start thinking about where you should live and what kind of property to buy. Choose a property that perfectly fits your life situation as of the moment. You may also like green flyer designs.

2. Real estate market.

Take a look at the real estate market. Every few years, the prices of properties might change. The area where you might want to live may have skyrocketing prices of properties by the time you decide to buy one. Study the market and choose a property that suits your taste and budget.

3. Stable income.

A stable income is needed when you want to buy a property. Properties cost a lot of money. Consider your budget so you can adjust your finances when it comes to the payment process. Think about how stable your income would be in the next five or ten years. If you can keep the money in good flow for a long time, then it’s about time to look for a property to buy. You may also like PSD flyer templates.

4. Property goals.

When buying a property, think about what you want to do with it in the future. This could be for shelter, proximity to the workplace, a business investment, and other factors. Think about all of the goals that you have for the property before buying it. Regrets come in the end and it’s better safe than sorry.

Be careful in choosing what property to buy. Invest in a good and stable piece of real estate with the amount of savings you have. Put your money to good use for the future of the ones you love. You may also see flyer templates in PSD.

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